5 Chic Ideas For Teenage Birthday Party

Teenage Birthday Party

5 Chic Ideas For Teenage Birthday Party

If you’re planning to celebrate your teenaged daughter’s birthday forget about those oh-so-cute themes that you were so familiar with. Welcome aboard to the world of teenagers. Teenagers today are much more aware and up to date, and so if you’re planning a party for them you too need to understand and appreciate their choices. You can chuck in your own ideas though. You might also want to involve the birthday girl in all the planning to get valuable inputs.

Let me tell you about a wide range of things to make your darling daughter’s birthday both enjoyable and memorable for her and her friends, and trust me you too would enjoy planning it out

Ideas For Teenage Birthday Party

1. The Movies Night

Is your daughter completely into movies? If the answer is positive, this is the right choice for her. Send invitations to her friends and invite them for a sleepover. You can buy movie posters or posters of movie stars and hang them all around. On the d-day give each girl a fuzzy slipper as she arrives to make her feel comfortable. Play a quiz game with movie trivia questions and see who knows their movies well.

Start the night by letting them watch a good movie, maybe your daughter’s favorite movie. Some good movies are the princess diaries, enchanted, high-school musical etc. For the food , limit it to pizzas, pop-corns, shakes, ice-creams and things that a person normally eats at a theater. The birthday cake could be in shape of THE OSCAR. Leave them on their own for the night. Next morning give them a hearty breakfast and take-away gifts in shape of a pop-corn bucket with candies, lip-gloss, key chains or anything you like in them.

2. America’s Top Super-Model

If your daughter loves fashion and the show, this is surely going to win her heart. For the invites take a white envelop and write on to “TYRA MAIL” just like in the show and inside invite her friends for a slumber party and also ask them to bring some good clothes. Decorate the room with shiny posters, hang fashion magazines here and there, put a table full of make-up, hair accessories and hair stylers in the room.

On the birthday night, arrange a fashion show. Let each girl dress and make-up and have fun styling each other and then walk the ramp like the supermodels. You can take group photos or individual clicks. Let the cake be anything of your daughter’s choice. The food should be sophisticated like Italian cuisine. Let them have a night to themselves like young ladies. Give each girl her photo and a group photo. I am sure your little girl will not forget the night easily and you may find the group poster in her room for a long time!

3. My Master Chefs

The Masterchef series are rage. The Masterchef Junior has influenced kids around the worlds to start cooking, and if your daughter loves to cook, make her birthday special with this. Invite over her friends for a “cook-off”. This isn’t a slumber party so adjust the timing accordingly. Early evening is the beast option.You need to divide the girls into groups of 2 or 3 and give them a limited amount of money to shop for the ingredients. Set a time limit for the shopping. When you’re back let them cook and enjoy. You taste the dishes and decide who wins. Let the girls feast on what all of them have cooked

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4. I Love Pink

If pink is your daughter’s love, turn the world pink on her birthday. Send out invitations in pink envelops. Decorate the house with pink streamers and balloons. Ask the guests to wear pink costumes.

The food should also have the pink theme in them, say a pink cake, strawberry cup cakes, strawberry shakes and ice-creams, though you can add other food as well. Have a dance party with peppy songs and arrange for pink disco-lights. The take away gifts could be pink blush, pink nails polish and pink gloss.

5. A Real Ball

Girls love the idea of fairytales and if your daughter is one of them let her dream come true! Send out parchment papers rolled up as scrolls as invitations to her friends. Ask her friends to wear something “princessy” to the “ball party”. You can buy a princess dress or borrow one. A wedding dress will do just as good.

Give crowns or tiaras to each of them. Spend the evening watching Disney Princess movies. The cake could be your daughter’s favorite princess character. Arrange for good food and let them have a grand feast at the table, you can arrange a buffet too! Take-away gifts could be cutely packed make-up, jewelry, perfume and candies.