Cheerful Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party Games Christmas is an occasion of fun and happy times with friends, colleagues and most importantly, family. Christmas is a time when everybody gets together to have some amusing and enjoyable moments with loved ones.

It is a holiday of pure festivity and celebration. A Christmas party is generally hosted where there are no limits on fun, food and entertainment. To add some more fun to your Christmas party, we give you a list of Cheerful Christmas party games to play and enjoy the night away.

Ideas For Christmas Party Games

All Christmas Things

You can have 25-30 things related to Christmas arranged on a tray or in an open basket. For instance, a plastic reindeer, Santa hat, candy cane, Rudolph nose and so on. Also, hand over a piece of paper and pen to everyone. You can keep the tray covered and when the game begins, have everyone look at it for about 20-30 seconds.

Interesting And Unique Christmas Gifts

All players have to memorize everything on the tray. Cover this tray again and ask everybody to write down all the items they remember from the tray in one minute. The player who writes down the maximum number of items is the hands down winner.

Secret Santa

If you are looking for a game to play at your office Christmas party, Secret Santa is the ideal choice. You can have the entire team’s names written down on chits and put them all in a bowl. Then ask each member to pick one chit and the name they get, they are a Secret Santa for that colleague.

The Secret Santa then has to gift their colleague something with a little note saying something nice about that person without letting them know who their Secret Santa is. This game is sure to bring smiles at your workplace and end up in a pleasurable party.

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Christmas Charades

You can also play team games at the Christmas party. This would involve dividing all the family and friends present into 2-4 teams. Then you can start the game of Christmas Charades. Prior to the party, you can write the names of items related to Christmas on tiny chits and place them in a bowl.

Christmas Charades

When playing charades, team members one by one need to pick up a chit and have to make their team members guess the word by acting it out. The team with the maximum number of guesses wins. Alternatively, you can make everyone enact Christmas carols instead of Christmas items and ask the teams to guess.

It’s Christmas Time

Since you have all Christmas things at your house already arranged for other games, let’s have one more game with the same things. Divide all members into 2 teams and keep all the things in a huge basket in the center. Then give both teams limited but equal time to write the word Christmas with the things in the basket.

All they have to do is place the things on the floor in a manner that they form the word Christmas. The team that completes the word first is the winner. If neither of them completes it within the stipulated time, then the team that is able to write the maximum complete alphabets of the word Christmas is the final winner.