5 Cheap Party Ideas For A Baby Shower

Ideas For A Baby Shower

Cheap Party Ideas For A Baby Shower

A baby shower is a wonderful way of celebrating the arrival of a newborn. The baby shower is usually thrown by the female relatives and the friends of the mother to be. Organizing a baby shower for a soon to be mom can be a hectic task, from planning the guest list to choosing the invitations, food and theme for the party.

However, if you have a limited budget and cannot spend extensively on decorations, menu and gifts then you can opt for some cheap party ideas for a baby shower.

Having a limited budget does not mean that you cannot make this day a memorable one for the mom to be. Here are some inexpensive baby shower ideas that are sure to make your baby shower party a big hit.

Inexpensive Baby Shower Ideas

Start With Planning

Planning For Baby Shower Party

When you have a limited budget it is essential to plan everything in advance. Start off by making a guest list and then preparing a budget. Allot a specific budget to each guest that is invited.

Decide the time and make sure that you do so a couple of months in advance so that you have the time to decide everything and send out the invitations at the right time.

Choose The Venue For Baby Shower

Considering the budget it is best to plan the party at house or in the garden. Restaurant and party hall bookings can be quite expensive. When deciding the venue you need to make sure that you take into account the number of guests invited and whether you would be able to accommodate so many people in the house or in the garden.

Venue For Baby Shower Party

It is also important to consider the weather. So if it’s a hot, stuffy day you do not want to make your guest suffer in the heat outside.

Baby Shower Themes And Invitations

Choosing a cute baby shower theme is a great way of spicing up the party. Some of the common themes for baby showers include diaper baby showers, animal party and holiday party themes.

If you know the gender of the baby then you can choose a pretty princess theme or mermaid theme for the baby girl or jungle and pirate baby shower themes for the baby boy.

Choosing a theme helps you in deciding the invitations and decorations for the baby shower. For the invitation choose one according to the theme. Mailing online invitations is quite popular nowadays. These online baby shower invitations are cheap and very innovative.

Invitations For Baby Shower Party

If you want to send the invitations by post or hand them over to your guests then you can make these baby shower invitations at home using colorful craft papers, stickers, sequins and other such items.

Specify the date, time and venue properly on the invitations and send them out two to three weeks before the party. Buying invitations for the baby shower at wholesale stores can also help you save some money.

Cheap Baby Shower Decorations

Once you have chosen a theme, decide the decorations accordingly. You do not need to go overboard with the decoration budget. Using simple things at home and DIY materials you can make the decorations for the baby shower. Use pictures of the dad and mom to be and cutouts to decorate the room.

For example, for a princess theme, decorate the room with pretty pink curtains and decorate the entire space with fairy lights that you use for Christmas trees. Make cutout of crowns and princesses to decorate the space. Find plate, napkins and other party essentials with pretty pink borders. For the centerpieces used a bundle of diapers or bibs to decorate the space.

Decorations For Baby Shower Party

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Food And Activities For Baby Shower

Depending on the time of party decide the food you would be serving. If it’s a dinner party then you will need to plan an elaborate dinner menu. For evening parties finger foods are the best. To save all the expenses of catering you can prepare the food at home.

If you are a large group of friends and relatives throwing the party then organize a pot luck wherein all members get some or the other dish for the party. This saves a lot of time, effort and money.

Food For Baby Shower Party

You will also need to plan some games and activities for the party. Simple games like “Pin the baby” are great fun. You could also spend a laid back evening watching your favorite baby movies like “Baby’s Day Out” or just sit and narrate funny baby stories.

For the baby shower favors you can bake cookies and muffins at home or choose economic gifting options like cute baby bookmarks, coffee mugs or assorted candies. The idea is to have fun and make the day special for the soon to be mother. So even on a limited budget you can do just that.

Party Ideas For A Baby Shower