6 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

Christmas is one of the most important times of the year when gifts are exchanged between different people all over the world. Teens are mostly fussy about choosing a suitable gift item for themselves. You can be a parent choosing a gift for your teen son or daughter or a teenager choosing gift for a friend. Well, it is definitely not an impossible task to get a nice present within a limited budget. Some of the cheap Christmas gift ideas for teens are included in this article.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

Materialistic Gift Ideas For Teenage Boys

You can find a wide range of gift ideas in this category. Most of the boys are engaged into some kinds of sports or gaming activities. You can certainly gift them single sport goods, like basketball, football, cricket set, tennis rackets, sports net, etc., video game CDs, favorite sportsmen cards, etc. You can even gift other items like comic books, aftershave kit, tie, etc. on this Christmas.

Materialistic Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Materialistic Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Girls love to look good and dress well during the occasion and even on normal days. You can easily make them happy by gifting simple artificial or junk jewelries, perfumes, single make-up items like eyeliner, compact, a pair of eye shadows, nail polish, lipsticks, etc. Some other girly gift items include fashion books, soft toys, hand bags, mini clutch, scented toiletries, scented candles, etc.

Materialistic Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Other Common Gift Ideas

There are several Christmas gift items, which are suitable for both the girls and the boys. For example, you can gift simple clothes like jeans, t-shirts, stockings, sweaters, gloves, slippers, hats, etc. according to the latest fashion line. You can also gift general knowledge books, story books, music CDs, movie DVDs, color set, stationary items, canvas, etc. to teenagers who are interested in art and reading. Some other inexpensive gift items include diary, photo frame, cell phone covers, stuffed cushions, indoor board games, etc.

Common Gift Ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas For Teenagers

Home-made gift items may cost less in terms of money but can make the festival even more special. The effort and love that reflect in home-made gifts can never be bought with money. Several interesting gift ideas for teenagers include home-made cakes, chocolates, hand-made Christmas cards, hand knitted gloves, sweaters, etc.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Teenagers

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Value Added Services For Teenagers

You can certainly gift value added services instead of material gifts. For example, you can gift movie tickets, sports passes, music concert passes, food coupons, etc. to the teenagers so that they can hang out with their friends during the occasion. You can also get them admitted in sports coaching classes, dance and music academy if they are interested.

Value Added Services for Teenagers

Priceless Gift Ideas For Teenagers

Some gifts are so special that cannot be compared with price. Teenagers really wish to spend some time with their parents as most of the parents are working. This Christmas, you should definitely gift your priceless time to your growing kids.

Hence, the mothers can prepare a nice holiday lunch or dinner for the whole family and the fathers can spend time while playing games or making Christmas preparations along with the kids. Religious pictures, Crucifix, etc. may not cost high but are equally priceless for everybody.

Priceless Gift Ideas for Teenagers