Celebrate Kids Birthday With Different Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Celebrating a kid’s birthday is fun and they would surely remember it for a long time. It makes all the more memorable when they celebrate the party by playing different games and having unique themes.

Although, every creative mind can pull out something fantastic from its treasure of ideas, still certain things are always there around which the game revolves. Here are top five ideas for kids birthday party to surprise them with the great deal of creativity.

Different Ideas For Kids Birthday Party

Passing The Parcel

It is one of the most common and amazing activities that can be played by one and all. It is a simple game which requires everyone to sit in a circle and give one of them the parcel (it can be anything – a paper packet, balls, pillow, etc) and when the music begins, the parcel is required to be passed to the next child.

Birthday Games For Kids

This continues till the music is on. Once the music stops, the child who has the parcel has to face the task. Now the punishment can be either be decided by the children or there can be small chits or decided by a judge (the one who is playing the music).

After the task is done, that child who performed the task will be out of the game and remaining children continue the game. The one who will not bear the parcel during whole game means who will not face any task will be the winner of the game. The parcel itself can be gifted to the winner.

Halloween Theme And Games

Get the spooky theme for the celebration – Halloween theme party! It is one of the craziest and fantastic themes that can be used for kids’ birthday celebration. Children would be asked to come to the party in various Halloween costumes and there can be different games that can be played on this event.

There can be even a prize for the best costume and team games can be played depending upon the dressing done by the children. There is no doubt that this would be a monster hit among the kids!

Treasure Hunt

It is a perfect game which can be played indoors or outdoors, depending upon the space available, and the number of kids around. As the name suggests, some objects such as chocolates, toys, gifts, etc. can be hidden in various nooks and corners of the house.

Kids Birthday Party

Then all the invited members of the party should be asked to find out the hidden treasure. The one who finds the maximum treasures in the given time limit is the winner.

The other way of playing this game is that the kid who discovers the treasure is his gift or gifts and undiscovered reassures will be the prize for those who did not get anything.Its really an adventure for children to find out all that is hidden and also you will like to create a video in which children are roaming here and there in search of the treasure.

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Pin The Cap Of The Santa Claus

Make a drawing or get a large picture of Santa Claus without cap. Then, get a cute red cap for Santa separately to pin it up on its head. What is so difficult about it? Well the kids would be required to be blindfolded, take them near the Santa painting, spin them 3-4 times and then ask them to pin the cap on the right place.

The one who pins the cap on the right place or very near to the right place will be the winner. (Please note that you can use any character instead of Santa Claus such as an animal, location, superheroes, etc. to suit the celebration!)

Bangle Crafting

Get some old bangles and supportive craft accessories to allow children showing their creativity. Ask all the children to sit in a circle. Keep various decorative items such as sequin, pearls, flowers, cotton buds, glue, gift paper etc. with lots of colourful bangles in a big basket at the centre.

Bangle Crafting

Then ask all the children to design beautiful showpieces with those items under the given time limit. You can also pair them to offer supportive approach. After the time will up, ask all the children to put the prepared decorative pieces on a table in row.

The best creation can be awarded as the winner. You can ask children to take their creation home in order to appreciate them or exchange all the creations to offer them return gifts.These are some good ideas that can be used to make the kids birthday party celebration interesting, active, memorable and rocking.