Captivating Cleopatra Halloween Costumes

Are you in doubt about your Halloween costume this year? This Halloween don the attire of the great Egyptian goddess Cleopatra and exuberate your charm and elegance. Show your magnetic power and charisma on all people around.

This costume will give you a dominant sexual appeal and have men swooning all over you. The ultimate aesthetic aura will be one to look out for and will spill royalty all throughout the night. We bring to you Charismatic and Captivating Cleopatra Halloween Costumes for you to demonstrate your enigma.

Ideas For Captivating Cleopatra Halloween Costumes

Women’s Cleopatra Costume

The Cleopatra costume is all about a regal stature and hence is one with a larger than life appeal. To portray this feeling, wear an orange full length pleated gown with a cape. A heavy gold head piece with attached bead chains as hair accents and heavily embellished collar will give a royal feel.

Women’s Cleopatra Costume

A gold bodice with a braided metallic belt hanging loose at the front along with arm and wrist bands will complete the look. If the cape is fixed to the wrist bands it will give a very stately appearance to the entire outfit.

Child’s Cleopatra Costume

Have your little girl emulate the mesmerizing Pharaoh of Egypt in this child’s Cleopatra costume. Get her an off white ankle length dress with a light blue cape for some color. Opt for a collar embroidered in blue sequence and gold beads instead of metal so that it is not very heavy for your child.

A gold braided thin belt for the waist tied at the front in a knot will look cute. Matching head gear with a serpent at the front will complete the attire teamed with shimmery wooden flip flops.

Teen’s Cleopatra Costume

A gown in dull gold for the teens will have them shine and sizzle in the Cleopatra costume. A violet floor touching cape will accentuate the gold. The collar and belt with gold and violet accents with a touch of red will look fascinating.

Teen’s Cleopatra Costume

Snake cuffs, arm bands and earrings will serve to be apt complements. An adorable headband with falling strings of beads for the hair will complete the ensemble of the Queen of the Nile.

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Sexy Cleopatra Costume

If you want to adorn a costume depicting the amalgamation of a gorgeous Greek goddess and the Egyptian Pharaoh, this costume should be your ideal choice. This attire will display a sexy yet graceful Cleopatra in a white angelic gown. A cross V plunging neckline with thin shoulder straps starting in gold rings will give a sensual appeal.

The jeweled neckline with a similar bust belt and matching head gear with braided beads will be perfect tributes. A white cape at the back attached to gold cuffs will give the ultimate ethereal effect.

Black Cleopatra Costume

The signature Cleopatra costume can be adorned in a different avatar by choosing this costume. A tube black calf length dress with a draped skirt and gold gladiator sandals will look stylish. Arm bands with blue draped layers attached to the wrist bands will appear chic.

Black Cleopatra Costume

Glittering head piece, neck piece and belt with blue and red embellishments will seem perfectly delightful. You can hold a scepter in your hand for the final majestic extravagance.