Captivating Beach Wedding Invitations

Many couples, dream of having a beach wedding, but put it off thinking of the multiple arrangements, needed to be made in this regard. On the contrary giving, a good thought to this venue, you would realize a beach wedding involves fewer amounts of arrangements. Having a wedding beside the sea-side with your better half, beside you is such a romantic feeling.

When you are having a beach wedding, the whole event is viewed to be fun and informal, and you can make the venue according to what you visualize and what fits in your budget. Wow your guests with your stunning beach themed wedding invite, and this will create a huge stir.

Type Of Beach Wedding Invitations

Star Fish Shaped Invite

This is an invitation card, you can easily craft on your own. Cut out a star-fish shape out of a handmade paper and an emerald colour felt paper. Stick both the papers at the top so that the card can be opened.

Star Fish Shaped Invite

Mention the details of the wedding such as the venue, date and time and if you have any colour code for your special day. With this card the theme of the day would be sent across.

Invite With The Bride And The Groom On The Beach

If you are working on a stringent budget, for your wedding, this would be an ideal option for the invite. Click a lovely photo of the couple walking on the beach and print these photos and make it in the form of a post card. You can mention the details of the wedding behind the photo, and this would subtly send across the theme of the wedding.

Glass Bottles With Scroll

A scroll would be a fascinating idea as an invitation card. Order for, required number, of glass bottles, that are transparent and in medium height. Put little beach sand in the bottom of the bottle, and the bottle can be closed with a cork.

Glass Bottles With Scroll

Purchase aqua blue colour paper and print the wording for the invite roll the paper like a scroll and place the invite in the bottle and close the bottle with the cork. Tie a similar colour aqua blue ribbon, around the neck of the bottle and this would be an amazing wedding invite.

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Scenic Photo Of The Beach

To have an uncomplicated and subtle invitation card, order for an invite with a lovely background of the beach. You can print the template for the card from the internet, or order it in your local print house. Let the view of the beach be a captivating site with calm waves on the beach and some colourful shells and a rock in the background.

The card can be a single paged one according to your preference, with all the information of the wedding behind the scenic view. Being able to craft your own wedding invite, gives utmost joy and also does not hurt your purse. Be a trend setter, and create exclusive cards, and soon you would be deemed, “the invite specialist “everyone queue’s up for ideas.


When you are having a destination wedding, like conducting the wedding in Thailand, the perfect choice for the invite is to be printed in the form of airmail. Print a wedding invite in the shape, of airmail and put the stamp of the country on the front of the envelope.


As soon as the invitees, see the stamp they will be flabbergasted, about the venue of the wedding. The airmail can be printed in such a way that it opens up in all the four corners and only the centre is stuck together. The wordings on the invite can be printed in the middle of the card.