5 Cake Ideas For Birthday

Can you imagine having a birthday party without a cake? Of course not! Any birthday is made only with a special cake, and the more unique the cake is, the more memorable the birthday party and the photographic memories associated with it, become! A cake often becomes the centrepiece of the party, which is why it is important to have a cake that is special and different.

Cake Ideas For Birthday

Interesting Ideas For Cakes

No Kidding!

For any kid, his or her birthday is perhaps the most important day in the entire calendar year! They are not really concerned with the fact that they are growing up and now they will be one year older. Their interest lies in the fact that there will be a party for them, there will be gifts, and most importantly, there will be cake! However, for a kid, what his or her cake is makes all the difference.

He or she would want to have a cake that is different and completely unique. When you are getting a cake for the apple of your eye, make sure that you are choosing one that will truly make him or her happy. Animals are great ideas and fascinate most kids, but think a little about what they like the most and then choose a cake.

Think of it like this: if your kid likes panda bears, there is no point getting a cake that looks like an owl. If it is cartoon characters that your kid adores, then pick out a cake with the face of his or her favourite cartoon character. SpongeBob SquarePants and Muppets have proven to be quite popular.

There would be very few kids who are not fond of the circus and the clowns who make us all laugh. So why not have a cake that is inspired from the same? Pick out the most vibrant clown face or even recreate the big tent on your kid’s cake. Or how about a cake that is inspired by all the tales of princes and princesses, that you read out to your own prince or princess? Get ideas from castles, dungeons or even dragons!

No Kidding Cake Ideas For Birthday

The Spirited Teenagers

If your kids have passed that age where cute was the ‘in thing’, then you need to be all the more careful with birthday party preparations. While your teenagers might not want you there at the party, they will still want a cool cake! In order to find inspiration for unique cakes for teenagers, find out what television shows and movies they are into, these days.

If you have a teenage girl, think on the lines of Pretty Little Liars or Twilight. If you have a young man, you might want to consider Fast and the Furious or even WWE! While for the boys, you could also go for sporty themes, like footballs or basketballs as cakes, for girls you would want to think in terms of Chanel or Burberry.

The Spirited Teenagers Cake Ideas For Birthday

Women Are Always Special

Yes they are! Women have so many roles and many a times they are totally neglected; which is why it becomes all the more important that on special days, such as birthdays, they need to be told how extraordinary they are. And what better way to tell them this, but through a cake! Choose a cake that is just as unique as the lady whose birthday you are celebrating.

When you are trying to zero in on what kind of cake you want for this special woman, you need to think a little and perhaps even put in some research. Find out what she likes and what she doesn’t before you decide what kind of cake you should get. If she is someone who is into brands and fashion labels, you might want to get a cake linked to that. Think on the lines of Gucci or YSL or DKNY, and have the logos either iced onto the cake or better still, get a cake that looks like the logo!

Or how about taking her on that holiday that she always wanted to go on? But rather than putting her on a plane, let her have a cake! These days, cake makers will recreate the most exotic of holiday destinations on a cake – be it the sun kissed beaches of the Caribbean or the snow-capped mountain peaks of Vermont. Perhaps you could give her that canopy bed that she always wanted, complete with the frills, the lace bed cover and the embroidered pillows.

Women Are Always Special Cake Ideas For Birthday

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The King Of Your World!

Men have several roles in our lives – as fathers, husbands, sons, brothers and friends, they are so important. This is why, when you are celebrating their birthday, you need to make sure that you have a party that is special and a cake that is unique.

If this guy is lover of beer, how about getting him a cake that is shaped exactly like that? Find out his favourite brand and get a cake that is in the same shape, or at least has the logo printed on the top. For the foodies, there could be nothing better than their favourite food item, in the form of a cake. Think on the lines of steak and mash, or lasagna or even pizza!

Pick out his favourite sports team and get a cake that has either the colours of the team on it or even the team mascot. Perhaps you could treat him to something he loves the most – his favourite recliner or couch, with a television set in front of it. Just that, this is one set that he can chow down on!

The King Of Your World Cake Ideas For Birthday

Where Would Be Without Them

Celebrating birthdays might not be on top of the list for the elderly, but it is certainly what we all need to do, in order to make them feel special and important. However, picking out a cake for the elderly might not prove to be the easiest of tasks. Think carefully about what they would like and enjoy and get a cake in accordance. While getting a cake that has the number that they have reached would be an easy enough choice, you might want to get a little more creative. How about getting a cake that has their favourite photograph printed on the top? This could be from their favourite holiday or even their wedding.

Similarly, you could have a cake that takes them back in time. Choose a theme that might have been close to their heart, when they were young, like the disco or vintage cars. You could also choose objects from the days gone by like a jukebox, and old time radio or television set and have the cake shaped as the same. These are all just some ideas that you could opt for to make that special person’s birthday party all the more special!

Where Would Be Without Them