7 Budget Wedding Reception Ideas

Budget Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding receptions need not be a costly affair to leave an everlasting impression on your guests. Planning the wedding reception yourself is a great way to save money. Again you get the chance to add your personal touch to your reception.

Here are some secrets to great budget wedding reception ideas that can be quite impressing on your guests and help your dream reception vision come to life.

Budget Wedding Reception Ideas

Save On The Location

Save On The Location For Budget Wedding Reception

Location is the key factor to planning a wedding reception. Choose a local park, vineyards, gardens, church halls, museums, or a backyard for your reception. There are many locations available that are low cost. Sometimes local restaurants are also specialized in holding a wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Make your own reception decoration. Instead of renting centerpieces from outside make your own creative centerpieces. You can buy glass cereal bowls and place green marbles in it. Then fill it half with water and place a floating candle on it. In this way use your creativity to make your decorations.

For floral decoration, go with the seasonal flowers instead of high cost orchids. Candles, trees, lights and faux plants can make great decorations with a little creativity.

Decoration For Wedding Reception

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is also a huge addition to your budget. Consider a small display cake and also order a sheet cake to be served to your guests. Sheet cakes are equally tasty and cost effective. If you and your fiancé wish to make a nice cake and decorate it all by yourself, then go for it as no outside cake can compete that.

Cake For Budget Wedding Reception


Family members will be more than happy to prepare the food for your wedding reception. Foods such as lasagna and ham, roast beef, sliced meat and cheeses can easily be prepared at home. Ask your close friends to bring side dishes like potato salad, finger sandwiches, fruits and vegetable platters.

Food For Wedding Reception

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Many wedding receptions require a DJ or live music for entertainment purposes. This again can be hefty on your reception funds. Check your local college and find out if they have a campus DJ who can be hired at a reasonable cost.  Check the high schools if their music departments have musical trios for providing some light music for dancing.  All this will cost significantly less.

Music For Cheap Wedding Reception

Keep A Check On The Alcohol

In a wedding reception alcohol can also be a huge expense. But there are ways to save on alcohol and cocktails. Just supply the alcohol yourself. Look for shops that offer discounts on the supply of alcohol. There are many online retailers too that offer great selection as well as discounted prices. Some venues also don’t permit alcohol.  Check this on the reception locations you are considering.

Keep A Check On The Alcohol For Wedding Reception

Borrow If Necessary

Wedding reception planning requires minute details to attend like silverware, coffee pot, punch bowl etc. if your venue is not providing this, borrow them from your relatives and friends. You needn’t invest in all this items as they really add up.

Wedding reception shouldn’t bring you under a debt. Use these tips to create a festive wedding reception that is affordable and filled with beautiful memories.

Necessary Items For Wedding Reception