Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

The very important part of a bridal shower is creating a unique and perfect invitation for the guests. The bridal shower is a lovely custom of honoring the future bride and thus it has to be made very special. And the first step for this is creating innovative invitations for her shower.

There are many stylish designs ranging from traditional to modern. Here are a few Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas that will help you in creating the best one for the bride.

Invitation Ideas For Bridal Shower

Select A Theme

For creating a bridal shower invitation card first of all you must select a theme for the invitation. Choosing a theme is very important as in this way there will be synchronization between the theme, and the invitation.

Select A Theme

Once you decide a theme then select the color. After the theme and color is done, you will be able to choose the invitation according to that. You just have to see whether the color, wording and pictures match your theme or not.

Choose What The Bride Likes

For a host it is very important to choose the invitation that the bride loves. You are being a host must notice whether the bride is classy or elegant, or she is a fun-loving girl. Accordingly you must choose and decide which will be the right theme  Always remember to value the bride’s choice above all as it is her shower. Once the bride selects it and it suits her taste and style then you may finalize the invitation.

Draw Inspirations

When selecting a bridal shower invitation it is very important for you to draw inspirations from all the things related to the wedding. For instance you must draw inspiration from the bridal shower theme, the color, the type and rituals of the wedding and even from the destinations of the honeymoon that she will like to go.

Draw Inspirations

The invitation must be something that will give the guests a clear idea about the marriage. You must think about how to design its elements so that the guests can relate to each and every fact of the bridal shower. Then only will you be able to create a perfect invitation.

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Include The Details

In a bridal shower card the inclusion of all the necessary details is very important. In spite of being a gorgeous and elegant card, it will be incomplete and will be valueless if you don’t include detailed information in it like the date and time, name and address of the shower location and the theme of the party.

There must be other important details like the contacts of the hosts and hostesses and directions to the venue. All these information when put together make a good invitation.

Innovative And Fun-Filled Wordings

When you have decided what to say on the invitation, you can play with its words and have fun with them. Personalize the invitation by adding a sweet line about the bride or about both of the couple.

Innovative And Fun-Filled Wordings

This will certainly make it interesting and attract the guests. Moreover, you can express your invitation in the form of a poem or a sweet rhyme that will help the guests remember the event for a lifetime.


If you keep in mind the above mentioned bridal shower invitation ideas, then you will be able to create a truly interesting and effective invitation that will allure the guests and force them to attend the bridal shower at any cost.