4 Bridal Shower Decorations And Ideas

Bridal Shower Decorations

In today’s world people get wedded in a lot of innovative and unconventional sites. Be it atop of a mountain, above water on sailing ships and below it as well or on beach sides. Each couple has its own unique way of professing their love for each other in places, which have special meaning for them.

How To Choose Proper Bridal Shower Decorations

For a bride a special out-of-the-way wedding calls for a similar bridal shower. She has the option of a traditional or coed shower. Coed Bridal showers demand a game and or other events related to the theme.Bridesmaids are the architects of these bridal showers. This might take them six to eight weeks. Invitations are sent out a month in advance to allow them to plan it out and for the invited people, to purchase gifts.

1. Themed Bridal Shower Decorations

The guests could also get into the act and dress, in accordance with the theme of the shower and bring gifts for the happy couple. Invitation cards could be yellow and sandy colored for a beach theme. The cake could resemble a sandcastle. Cakes ranging from the biggest to the largest on top of each other maybe used to achieve this effect. Similar brownish or yellowish icing could be used to bring out the effect of sand.

You can design Bridal showers in any number and types of styles you want. Picking a theme is one of the most important things and then you can plan accordingly.Certain themes demand a certain type of weather and hence one needs to plan the time of the year it is going to take place. Location also helps one decide the theme. Backyard pool, islands, beach sides, mountain tops are just to name a few.

Silver Chain wedding garlands, loops of crystal, chandeliers, candles all are eye-catching and will help you light up the place at the same time. Sweet scented candles can also help you spread an inviting aroma.

Themed Bridal Shower Decorations

2. Fall Bridal Shower Decorations

Use different colors like yellow, orange, brown to contrast them and bring out a magical effect. Mother Nature has worked wonders with them and so can you.A special destination spot wedding demands an equally good bridal shower and an appropriate theme for it. A beach wedding may call for table mats made of bamboo, flowers from the tropics and centerpieces made of seashells and long beach chairs. This would simulate a beach bridal shower experience for the people who were invited. Appropriate gifts with similar themes should be given to the players and goodies like chocolates and bucket filled candles.

Fall Bridal Shower Decorations

Smooth Pumpkins, gourds, brown leaves, acorns and nutshells can all be used as centerpieces. You can set the Pumpkins at the doorway or the place where people are welcomed into the event. If you let your imagination run wild you can come up with the most interesting of designs and can place them accordingly wherever you see fit.

Silken leaves as garlands with candles, brown colored mantels, worn bookcases will attract attention and win you praises. Fill the bowls on the tables with delectable nuts and similar flavored chocolates to please your guests. Countryside or casual themes can incorporate the use of scarecrows, cornstalks, tractors and piles of hay.

3. Fabulous Themed Bridal Shower Decorations 

Wedding day is one of the biggest occasions in an individual’s life and people plan it to be the most memorable one. The planning spreads over hunting for dresses, calling the caterers, flower vendors, musicians etc. And bachelorettes party’s as a one last farewell to that happy phase of life and to welcome another exciting part of life.Friends, family members of both the individual and spouse are on the invitation list. It generally takes place during the day and involves a lot of fun activities and delicacies.

Fabulous Themed Bridal Shower Decorations

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4. Lovely Bridal Shower Decorations

A fabulous bridal shower is what every woman dreams of. Thronged by her dearest female friends and relatives she wants this to be one of the most memorable days of her life.Kitchen shower theme warrants wooden spoons as centerpieces. Retro rolling pins which can also be used as a recipe card holder. Heart shaped measuring spoons can also be given to guests as favors.

The favors are the gifts you give to your guest at the bridal shower. It can be anything from lovely trinkets to thank you cards to practical things of use like labels for water bottles. Whatever you choose it is going to be memorable for any guest who comes to your shower.

Lovely Bridal Shower Decorations


On the whole, the above were just suggestions. You can add mix and match and go absolutely wild and creative when it comes to your bridal shower. Let it be personalized and a memorable and beautiful day which you can look back as one of the most beautiful memories of life.