Boisterous Baby Shower Themes For Boys

A baby shower is a celebration to welcome your baby in your world with great excitement and enthusiasm. You will always want the best for your little one so why not start with the baby shower. If your little bundle of joy is going to be a boy, plan everything accordingly with boyish charm and style.

 Boisterous Baby Shower Themes

So, select the most adorable baby shower theme for boys from the below mentioned boisterous options and get going with the planning and preparations of your joyous celebration.

Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Blue Beginnings

For a baby boy’s shower, the first thing to remember is blue stands for boys. Send out your invitations in white paper with a blue font stating “It’s a Boy”. Arrange for blue balloons and silver ribbons for your decorations.

You can hang blue baby jumpers from streamers for wall decorations. The cake made in two tiers with blue booties on the top will look extremely endearing. Your favors can be wrapped in papers covered with blue cellophane to add a beautiful blue touch.

Blue Beginnings Boisterous Baby Shower Themes

Under The Sea

Have a theme that brings in a feel of the water world in your baby shower. Have blue drapes tied right under your ceiling for an under the sea appeal. Use glass ball strings as decorations to give a bubble like appearance in the shower.

You can have a bubble blower in the party for creating an actual sea feel. The cake can be done up with all sea creatures on it. Oyster shaped boxes with candies inside can serve as befitting favors. The guest of honor can wear a mermaid gown for the ultimate effect.

Under The Sea Baby Shower Themes

Cute Cowboy

If you are having a baby boy shower, a cowboy theme is apt. Your invitations can be sent in a cowboy hat. You can select your lawn or backyard as the venue and create a ranch like scene. Set hay bales in corners with soft cushions on top as seating arrangements.

For the drinks, you can arrange for flavored sodas or root beer. A cowboy hat shaped cake will look tempting with “Howdy All” written on it. As favors, you can stuff small cowboy boots with chocolate bars and hand out to your guests.

Cute Cowboy Baby Shower Themes

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Forest Fun Land

It is a complete fun land when you set a forest theme for the baby shower. Send a card with a lioness and her cub cutely inviting all the guests to join them in the fun. Place nice broad wooden cylinder shaped seats for your guests according to the theme.

Call some party organizers to roam around as mascots in animal costumes and take pictures with the guests. Have a cupcake stand with various forest animal pictures on each. You can give animal print scarves as send offs for all your guests.

Forest Fun Land Baby Shower Themes

Blissful Bedtime

The one thing that newborn babies do the most is sleep. So having a bedtime theme for your to-be-born would be ideal. Post moon cut out invitations to all your guests informing them of the baby shower.

Metallic and shimmer star danglers can serve as great decoration pieces with moon and sleeping sun pictures for the string lights. The cake can have a baby sleeping in a crib half covered in a bed sheet. Cribs as favor boxes will be apt filled with marshmallows and mints for all.

Blissful Bedtime Baby Shower Themes