4 Birthday Party Games For 8-10 Year Olds

 Birthday Party Games For 8-10 Year Olds

Birthday parties for children can never be complete without games. Outdoor games like relay race, three legged race, balloon stomp, and water balloon bombs can be a lot of fun. But if you live in a cooler climate or are having an indoor party, indoor games are the only options for you.

In this feature, we will discuss some indoor birthday party games that will bring screams of laughter from the kids and make the party a loud and happy event. The birthday boy/girl can also be involved in the selection of the party games. If he/she thinks it is fun, chances are that the other invited kids will enjoy it as well. The games suggested here will be more appropriate for the 8-10 year age group.

Birthday Party Games For 8-10 Year Olds

1. Sweet Sucker

For this game, give each child two bowls and a straw. Fill one bowl with sweet treats like M&M’s or other small candies that can be picked up with a straw. Set the timer for 1 minute or so. On the count of three, the timer begins and the children have to suck up the treats from one bowl and transfer it in the other with the help of the straw.

When the timer stops, the game is over. You can let the children keep the treats they transferred or you can count each child’s score and give a prize to the one who moved the highest number of sweets.

Sweet Sucker

2. Catch The Balloon Game

Assign each child a number. Randomly select one of the kids to be ‘it’. Make the kids stand around in a circle with ‘it’ in the center. ‘It’ will hold a balloon in his hands, raise it over his head and then drop it while calling one of the numbers that the kids are assigned.

Whoever’s number is called has to rush, grab the balloon and prevent it from dropping to the floor. If the child catches the balloon, he or she gets a point but if the balloon touches the ground, the child becomes the new ‘it’. Repeat the game a number of times and keep a score of each child’s points. The one who has the highest points at the end of the game is the winner.

Catch The Balloon Game

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3. Surprise Sentences

Divide the children into 2 or 3 teams. Hand a paper and pen to each team with a word written in the middle of the paper. Each child in the team has to add a word above or below the given word to make a sentence. You can also time this game.

When the buzzer goes off, the game has to stop. The team with the complete sentence wins. If more than one team has completed the sentence, you can choose the best, grammatically correct or the funniest sentence as the winner.

Surprise Sentences

4. Who Am I

Write down the names of famous people, or characters in case of a theme party, on different sheets of paper. Attach a sheet to each child’s back without letting him or her know what is written there.

The child then has to go around asking other kids questions that will help him or her guess who he or she is. The first one to make the correct guess is the winner.

Who Am I