4 Birthday Party Games For 5-7 Year Olds

Birthday Party Games For 5-7 Year Olds

Organizing a birthday party for your child can be a lot of fun. But the party can quickly turn chaotic if the activities of the event are not planned out properly. Birthday party games are an easy way to keep the kids occupied while having loads of fun.

While older kids can decide and execute their own ideas for birthday party games, younger ones need their parents to coordinate the games and help them play. Mentioned below are some fun birthday game ideas for the 5-7 age group which will engage the kids in a very exciting manner.

Birthday Party Games For 5-7 Year Olds

1. Lucky Dip

The 5-7 age group children are still young enough to get upset when they are out of a game. The lucky dip is a fun way to avoid flared tempers and keep all the children happy at the same time.

For this game, choose small gift items and favors like crayon boxes or other stationary items, candy bars, bubble wands, etc. These items are easily available at the dollar stores or even in the clearance sections of department stores for very cheap. Wrap each of these items in a gift wrap and number them randomly.

Make slips with the same numbers, fold them and keep them in a bag. Also add some slips saying ‘Play On’. Seat the children in a circle and play some music while the kids pass this bag around. When the music stops, the child who has the bag takes a dip inside and pulls out a slip. If the slip has a number, the child gets the gift marked with that number and exits the game. If the slip says ‘Play On’, the game continues. In both cases, the slip that is pulled out is discarded. In this way, each and every child gets a gift and everybody is happy.

Lucky Dip

2. Beanbag Toss

For this game, make a cardboard cutout of your child’s favorite character. Make a hole for the mouth or maybe a couple more for the eyes or nose. Make a beanbag filled with beans and tied at the mouth.

Let each of the invitee get a few chances to throw the bean bag through the hole from a distance. All those who make a successful attempt get a small prize.

Beanbag Toss

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3. Whisper Game

Seat the children in a circle. The birthday child begins the game by whispering a sentence in his/her neighbors ear. This child then whispers it to the next and so on. When the message has gone full circle, the last says it out aloud. The birthday child then tells the original sentence. It is fun to hear how the message changes from origin to destination. Repeat the game with a new sentence.

Whisper Game

4. Freeze

Play some fun kids music. Ask the kids to move, groove, jump and jiggle with the music. When the music stops, all of them have to freeze in whatever position they are.


Whoever moves first is out of the game. The game goes on until there is only one child left. He/she is the winner of the game.