5 Birthday Ideas For Your 15 Year Old

At fifteen most teenagers experience a change in their perception of a birthday celebration. They care less about childish themes or decorations and are more keen about spending time with friends.

Birthday Ideas For Your 15 Year Old

Each birthday now gets them nearer to adulthood, so no matter what you plan, engage the fifteen year old in the planning and let him/her decide or give suggestions .It is important to understand your child and treat them a bit like grownups at this age.

Remember not to do anything elaborate; leave all the big venues or outings for the SWEET SIXTEEN celebration; for a fifteenth birthday give them a taste of independence and adulthood. Let’s scan through some of the ideas for a fifteenth birthday celebration.

How To Celebrate The Birthday Of A 15 Year Old

Group Outings

Arrange for an outing for you child and all his friends where they can enjoy together. Send them to the movies, arcade, amusement park, bowling alley or skating rinks. Make sure they have fun.

You may not be going around with them, hire a limo or a van to drive them through the city; this will give them a sense of independence. You may then arrange for them to go to a good food joint and have something. Pizza or ice cream parlors will be absolutely perfect.

Group Outings


If you have the sources take out the boys for a treat of hiking, rafting or rock climbing. The girls might not be suitable for an adventurous outing but a SCAVENGER HUNT in a mall may be adventurous to them.

For this you need to make a list of things like “take a picture of something yellow and green”, “buy a pink key chain” “take a picture of yourself outside the Prada store” , give them a small budget each, divide the girls into groups and also give them a time limit to finish all the tasks and meet you up at some designated place. The first team to arrive wins!


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Relaxing Day Out

If you have a good budget you may allow your child and his/her friends spend a day at a resort or if you have a beach house you can make arrangements there. This however may require your supervision.

Relaxing Day Out

Slumber Party

Sleepovers a great hit with both boys and girls. Arrange for a whole night movie marathon for boys. Horror movies can be hired for them. Big buckets of pop corn, French fries, pizzas and fried chicken can be brought in for the boys group. Girls may have a sleepover or a pajama-party.

They may give each other pedicure or do their nails, Girly movies like Bridget Jones Diaries or Legally Blonde can be brought in for them. As for the foods for the girl gang, you may opt for juices or shakes, pizzas, pastries and ice-cream sundaes.

Slumber Party

A Theme Party

I know I said no to themes but if themes for adults are adjusted to suit a party of fifteen year olds it’ll be perfect to give them a taste of adulthood. VIVA LA VEGAS is a good theme where you can arrange for a co-ed dance party at your house. And invite your child’s classmates.

Have a bar serve mock tails (non-alcoholic) in fine glasses and finger foods. You may also have a costume party and ask everyone to dress up. The girls would love dressing up with all those cute dresses and make up that they were eager to use.

Theme Party