Best Things To Do On The First Day Of Summer

Best Things To Do On The First Day Of Summer The first rays of the warm sun, sweet melody of the singing birds, the green trees, picture of the blue sky on the crystal clear water of the lakes– the first day of summer is here! The gloomy winter has passed. It is time for fun, time for lazing under the sun for hours. You can do a lot of things on the first day of summer.

With school being over, you can engage in activities that you enjoy and escape from the strict rules and guidelines of daily routine. Try some of the ideas listed below and you will have an awesome first day of summer.

Jump Into The Pool

The snow has melted and the water of the pool is just tempting in this hot sun. Take out your swimsuit and plunge in. Call your friends over. Let them join the fun. Arrange some chilled soft drinks. Sit by the side of the pool, sip on your drinks and enjoy the good times with your friends.

Be The First One To Get A Tan

The rays of the hot sun means the beginning of the tanning season. Grab your shorts and run to the beach. Get a nice spot and lie down. Do not forget to apply a sunscreen lotion. Even though it is the first day of summer, still the UV rays of the sun can harm your skin. Enjoy a nice swim after you are done with your tan. You can be the first one among your friends to sport a tan in this summer.

Ride A Bike

Biking is a nice way to explore areas like a forest or a countryside. You can either roam around on your bike or go on a bike trip. The splendors of nature can be observed best while riding a bike. It is also a good way to burn all those calories that you have acquired in the past months.

Go For A Trip

This is the perfect time to undertake a trip. A change of scenery and exploring a new place can be a great adventure for the coming weeks of vacation. Plan early so that you can hit the road on the very first day of summer. Make arrangements and pack your bags the night before. As soon as the sun hits the earth, you can start your journey into the wonderful summer days by embarking on your trip. Carry light clothes. Do not forget to take adequate water. Summer can make you dehydrated very easily.

Get A Boat Ride

Head to the river and ride down the course in a boat. Take your friends along too. Arrange some good food and drinks for your ride.

Best Things To Do On The First Day Of Summer

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Put on your sunglasses and you are ready to depart. You can stop the boat and get down on the bank of the river where you can have a small picnic with your friends.

Participate In A Summer Camp

Summer is the time for all those fun camps. Your school may arrange a camp and you can be the first one to sign up for it. There are various other clubs, institutions and establishments that organize summer camps for kids, adolescents and teens. They are camps for different activities such as various games, music, performing arts, languages, science etc. You can select a camp which involves activities of your choice. Participating in a summer camp is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Spend Some Time With Your Family

Spend the free time which comes with the first day of summer with your family and loved ones. You can even throw a party or arrange for an outdoor barbecue cooking session. Keep some lemonade and ice tea to cool you down while cooking. Let the other members of the family chip in and contribute with their own preparations. Invite some old family friends and increase the congenial atmosphere. It will be a warm way to begin the summer surrounded by the love and care of your family.

Engage In Some Activity

With the snow melting away, you can indulge in an activity of your choice on the first day of summer. If you are a sports buff then it is the right day to participate in some outdoor game. You will most probably need to call your friends and arrange a game. Baseball, soccer, rugby- any sport will be a pleasure on the fresh green grass of the fields.

Best Things To Do On The First Day Of Summer

You can also go for fishing on this wonderful day. Pack some lunch and head to the lake. Be sure to carry some sunscreen lotion and enough fluid to last you through the fishing. You can head back home in the evening after witnessing the sunset on the water of the lake.

There are activities which you will enjoy performing and your family will also be happy. For example, you can start your very own garden in the backyard. Head to market and get the seeds of the plants you want to grow. You don’t need to be an expert farmer to grow trees. Dig the soil, put the seed in and cover it with soil again. Do not forget to water them regularly. If needed put some manure too. In some days you will see small plants coming out of the earth which will bear lovely flowers and turn your backyard into a beautiful garden.

Just Be Lazy

The first day of summer gives you break from your daily routine that you were required to follow during the past months. You can use the first day of summer just to laze around and feel the warmth in the air. Head out to the park and sit on a bench. You can spend hours just looking at the people who are so happy to get relief from the ruthless winter. The kids playing on the grass, lovers walking around hand in hand, the birds building their nests, ducks swimming in the water- all heavenly sights that summer brings around.

Read a book if you like. Literature seems more enjoyable under the sun. Get hold of a stranger and have a conversation. Summer is a nice time to meet new people and make new friends. So go ahead and embrace summer with a warm heart. The ideas discussed above are sure to make your first day of summer a wonderful experience.