Best Mother And Baby Gifts

Best Mother And Baby Gifts The birth of a baby in any house is a big reason to celebrate and of course a grand occasion to go for a shopping spree and gift the mother and the child beneficial products. These products can be obliging for the baby as well as the mother. After delivery, a mother has to be equally taken care of alike the newborn.

She is the one who will initially satisfy the babies’ need. Once the baby is brought home, all friends, relatives and well wishes come to bless and see the child and it’s customary that they bring special gifts for both the mother and the baby. The stores sell many such combo gift packs with essential items for both of them. Some such ideas are discussed below

Best Mother And Baby Gifts

Gift Box For Babies With Parenting DVD

The gift box is mainly for the baby as it contains all the essential items a baby might need during the initial days like the shampoos, powder, soap, cream, lotions and so on. These gift packs are available in various sizes and packages like small, medium and large – the buyer can purchase as per the requirement. These gift boxes are not only easy to carry but a packed in attractive covers and boxes; sometimes you get customized boxes separately for girls and boys.

Gift Box For Babies With Parenting DVD

You can team up this gift box with a parenting DVD that helps the mother to understand the needs of the newborn and trains her in the most subtle way how to take care of the child. These DVDs offer parenting information, tips and strategies from professional health care personnel and also other parents. This DVD will surely aid the mother in giving the child a perfect start to the life.

Baby Care Must Haves With Multi Vitamin Complex

The baby care stores sells small kit boxes with all the baby essentials like towels, feeding cups, bottles, wipes, and other products in a compact package. These boxes are immensely useful especially when the parents are travelling with the baby. Sometimes, they can also have shampoo, cream, lotion and other such things for the little one.

This can be the ideal gift for a newborn, and for the mother you can buy some whole-food complex Multi-Vitamin, which is just compulsory after delivery. The mother’s health needs equal attention and nutrition as the child’s, thus this multivitamin would help her to gain strength once again.

Brush And Comb Set With Maternity Tummy Belt

The baby’s easy-going curls will grow to be the long lustrous hair if you take good care of it from the beginning. The baby can be gifted with the hair care pack that contains combs in different sizes, shampoo, hair oil and brushes. The gift packs are made attractive by adding some toys as well.

Brush And Comb Set With Maternity Tummy Belt

This pack can be gifted to both boys and girls. For the mother, tummy belt is an ideal gift that helps in abdominal compression, thereby helping you to come back in shape faster.

Baby Books And Dvds With Health Supplementary Food

Baby Special books have all the lovely nursery rhymes and stories we heard while growing up. They are timeless and now are available in even more attractive packs; the DVDs are available in 3 D animation that keeps the baby engaged as she / he learns to recognize things and sounds.

The mother can be pampered with few packs of delicious health supplementary drinks; you get them in various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch etc.

Baby Pram With A Record Book

Pram is one of the most essential items for a baby; it never goes wasted especially when the baby is growing until he / she learns to walk steadily. The prams are available in various designs and colors; the price also varies according to the facilities given.

Baby Pram With A Record Book

Prams are usually foldable and very much portable, thus carrying it as a gift item should not be a trouble. Record books for babies are in vogue these days; you get specific books for ‘him’ and her’. They contain beautifully etched pages to entail all the details of the baby while birth and the growing years.