Best Gift Ideas For Hanukkah

Gift Ideas For Hanukkah Hanukkah, also known as Chanukah is the Jewish ‘festival of lights’ which is observed for eight days and nights. Friends and family look forward to this important holiday to share glory and warmth amidst them. Gifting each other on this bright holiday is just as traditional as lighting of menorah, evening prayers, songs; games and food are a tradition during this festival.

Unique Gift Ideas For Hanukkah

Stick To Tradition

Lighting the ‘menorah’ is the soul of Hanukkah. Each day lighting one candle along with the ‘shamash’ candle is the traditional call of this festival. Gifting a unique menorah is a great choice for a family who is planning to get a new menorah for the season. Incase you are planning to buy this beautiful candelabrum, do not forget to get scented candles too. Blue and white candles would be perfect for the event for obvious reasons.

Special Food

Sufganiyot (donuts) and Latkes (potato pancake) are traditional food items made for this festival. Fried food items are a must during this festival as there is a lot of oil involved in Hanukkah’s history. Bringing in fried food items not purchased from the shop but prepared by you, would be special for this event. You can get creative and put colorful icing on the sufganiot. Or you can just stick to the traditional colors like blue and white.

For Children

A traditional gift like the dreidel is a playful gift for children. This would be wonderful as a gift for the first night. You can choose from a good range of dreidels in the market. Shopkeepers in this season keep beautiful and creative dreidels. Pick one with Jewish inscriptions on it. But remember to give some pennies along with the dreidel to the children so that they can start playing the next moment.

Charitable Gifts

Gift Ideas For Hanukkah

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This festival is also about being generous to the deprived. Philanthropic activities are generous and unique. Helping orphans with some charity like clothes or financial support of education for a destitute is a very kind option. You can either drop by at your local charity home or donate online to aid globally. Getting your young child to make donations to the deprived and sick would also deliver a good lesson to be learnt during this festival.


For ladies you can just stop at a jewelry store and pick up something that is closely related to this festival. For instance, you can get a necklace with eight chains (thin ones) or with a star of David. Again, you can buy a ring with eight loops in it. Hair clips with eight distinctive colors also look pretty. Teenage girls look up to trends of the season, hence buying something online would be the right option.

Other Special Gifts

Some other beautiful gifts most liked by people are prayer holder for travelers. Hanukkah books for children and elders are impressive. I like those handmade herbal and vegan gift items like, herbal incense sticks and candles, also herbal soaps are nice. These generally come in a kit and therefore purchasing just this gift for the first of the eight days is a brilliant option.

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