Best Birthday Dark Chocolate Gifts

Birthday Dark Chocolate Gifts

Birthday Dark Chocolate Gifts Dark chocolates, though dark and slightly bitter in nature can brighten anyone’s day. For chocolate lovers the bitter quality and the satisfaction of consumption are inversely proportionate. The flavor is an acquired taste and not everyone can enjoy the unique quality. The essence of dark chocolate is that it is not very sweet.

It has a high proportion of cocoa solids which makes it slightly bitter. For people who enjoy dark chocolates there are many gifting options that can be explored. Gifts are a necessity for most occasions and a courtesy for the others. Here are a few ways in which one can gift dark chocolates.

Birthday Dark Chocolate Gifts

Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

A gift basket offers variety and choice. In a gift basket one is not restricted by a number and can thus give a number of presents that range in value. The basket looks decorative and very appealing. A dark chocolate assortment could be put into a gift box.

The assortment could include bars and chocolate blocks. The flavors could also have a variety. Dark chocolate can be used in a number of delectable treats. All these delectables could be placed in this box.

Dark Chocolate Bouquet

Bouquets are generally associated with flowers. Nowadays, however, chocolates could also be assembled into a decorative bouquet. A bouquet made of chocolates looks stunning and tastes amazing.

Dark Chocolate Bouquet

It has a magical feel to it and can brighten anyone’s day. An assortment of chocolates may be used in the bouquet. These assortments could be dark chocolate based to please dark chocolate lovers specifically.

Nut Based Dark Chocolates

Nuts are very healthy. A nut based chocolate is thus both healthy and tasty. Nuts could be incorporated in chocolates in a variety of ways. Whole nuts may be covered with chocolates or they might be chopped and then filled with chocolates. Sometimes they might also be completely blended into the chocolate.

Almonds and hazelnuts are the best nut and chocolate based combinations. Chocolates with chopped almonds in it are absolutely heavenly. The same applies to hazelnuts which can be completely blended into chocolates to result in an ambrosial taste.

Fruit Flavored Dark Chocolates

Fruit flavors go very well with dark chocolates. The chocolates would have a fruit filled center or a whiff of the fruit in it.

Fruit Flavored Dark Chocolates

Fruit flavors could include raspberry, orange, pineapple, mango, strawberry, apricot, apple and a variety of other fruit flavors. Fruit flavored chocolates would be a great way to celebrate any occasion, be it a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary.

Plain Dark Chocolate Slabs

Simple dark chocolate slabs are most enjoyed by dark chocolate lovers. They would thus appreciate this gift very much. You could wrap a slab of dark chocolate in gift paper and present it to them. The gift could be added to any other gift or a standalone one.

A card would be the best way to accompany this gift. A card would allow you to combine your heartfelt words with wonderful chocolates. The brand of chocolate can be selected from amongst a variety.