6 Beautiful Wedding Cakes For Your Day

6 Beautiful Wedding Cakes For Your Day

6 Beautiful Wedding Cakes For Your Day

The custom of wedding cakes dates back to the Roman era, and it has presently gained further significance on the big day. Weddings are, one of the best days in the life of the bride and the groom, what a better way to have a lavish cake for the day of your life. Here are some of the finest cake ideas, for your wedding.

Different Types Of Wedding Cakes

3 Tier Chocolate Cake With Raspberries

Chocolate and raspberries are an ultimate combination, which flabbergast the palette. This is a three layered, moist and succulent chocolate cake with an irresistible chocolate ganache frosting on the cake.

3 Tier Chocolate Cake With Raspberries

The top layer of the cake is decorated with fresh raspberries, and the outer layers of the first two tiers of the cakes are designed with raspberries.

Red Rose Cake

This can is so simple to make that it can be baked at home, even though it is a wedding cake. The base cake is a yummy chocolate fudge cake; it is covered with swirls of red butter cream frosting .To give the visual affect, drop few edible gold paper bits on the top of the cake and this would be an extraordinary wedding cake.

Red Rose Cake

Heart Shaped Cake In 4 Angled Layers

Heart symbol, signifies your love, what better day to have a, heart shaped cake. The cake flavour can be what suits your palette, you can have the same flavour or have four different flavours like, butter scotch, vanilla, chocolate and walnut coffee cake on the four different layers.

Heart Shaped Cake In 4 Angled Layers

For the icing use fondant icing that is light pink in colour, decorated with edible rose buds. Inscribe a message for the bride and the groom wishing them all the very best.

Gold Coloured Cup Cakes

Gold colour symbolises wealth and prosperity, let this be the colour for your wedding cake .Bake individual cupcakes, of different flavours, like red velvet, strawberry, coconut cake. The frosting for this cake would be gold butter cream, design the icing with a frill effect and according to your imagination.

Gold Coloured Cup Cakes

Decorate the top of the cup cakes with fondant ribbons, sugar sprinkles and sugar flowers. The guests for the wedding can inscribe few, messages for the bride and the groom with glitter pens. Arrange the cup cakes on a gold cake stand with 2 tiers.

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Chequered Gift Cake

Bake a square cake, and decorate it with butter cream frosting. To have the chequered affect, make fondant icing and mix individual colours and paste them on the side of the cake, cut in diamond shapes.

Chequered Gift Cake

Carve out, the figure of the bride and groom with fondant icing and place this on top of the cake. This is the perfect wedding cake.

Cake With The Initials Of The Bride And The Groom

This is a very straightforward cake, to bake at home; the cake should be shaped with the initial of the bride and the groom. You can opt for the flavour, of your liking, for the frosting use butter cream and decorated with silver coloured beads and sprinkles.

Cake With The Initials Of The Bride And The Groom

Selecting your wedding cake could be a daunting task, there is an assortment to choose from a traditional tier cakes to contemporary coloured cakes. Decide on the cake that signifies you, as a couple, these would be the best for your wedding day.