Beautiful Easy-To-Make Valentine’s Day’s Gift Ideas That Will Absolutely Wow Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is the time for fun and celebrations. Gifts for this occasion are available in an assortment of pink shades. Though stores offer exotic gifts for this day, there are many items that you can make yourself to show your loved ones how much you care. They will take just a couple of minutes to make and will come out beautifully.

Here Is A Look At Some Easy Valentine Day’s Gift Ideas That You Can Try Out

1. Cupcake Liner Flowers

Easy-to-make, you can decorate the home with these lovely flowers. Just pile up cupcake liners one on top of the other. Get green colored wire pipes and cut them into flower stalks. Apply glue to one end of a stalk and attach to a bunch of cup cake liners. Set aside to dry. After it has dried, scrunch the liner to create a flower bud effect.

Cupcake Liner Flowers

2. Sweetheart Hair Pin

Make heart shapes from felt in two sizes. Place them one over the other such that the larger heart shape serves as a backdrop for the smaller one. Get a single prong hair clip and glue it to the back of the heartfelt. Set aside to dry. Glue small bow to the front part to complete the look.

Sweetheart Hair Pin

3. Pom Pom Monsters 

These cute little things can be attached to chocolate boxes, cards and even put on the table. Take a bunch of pink wool and start rolling it around the palm of your hand. You have to roll it around your hand some 100 times to a nice, big-sized pom pom. Remove from the hand and tie pink yarn right in the middle. Cut at the edges to create the spiky effect. To complete the monster look, affix eyes and antennas made from artificial flower stems and foam hearts. Place heart card stock at the base to complete the look. This pom pom can be made in different shapes, depending on the look you want to get and how you are going to use it.

Pom Pom Monsters

4. Heart Shaped Message Board

Get wood sticks 30 inches by 1 inch. You would need some ten or twelve such sticks. Arrange them together to form a square. Take a news paper and cut a heart shape out of it. Place this heart shape on the square and check how much of spacing you want between the sticks and glue the paper to the sticks. You would need a saw to cut out the shape on the wood pieces. Affix wood sticks to the back to give strength to the structure. You can also add a hanging wire at the back to hang the board. Now paint in shades of pink, red and white to complete the look. You can write beautiful messages on the board for your family on Valentine’s Day.

Heart Shaped Message Board

5. Crayon Hearts 

Get about 100 pieces of broken crayons. Put them into a heart shaped plastic mould tray. Bake the mould tray in the oven at 23 degrees for 15 minutes. Allow the tray to cool down completely. Pull out the heart shapes. You can stick them to message coasters and set them at the table, else give them to someone as a gift.

Crayon Hearts