Beautiful Ball Gowns As Prom Dresses

Ball Gowns As Prom Dresses A Ball Gown is a body hugging silhouette till the waist line and subsequently flares into a ball like skirt, with a lot of volume in the flare. Ball Gowns are the most formal of all dresses and make a girl look elegant and charming when adorned.

A prom is an occasion when you would want to execute perfect elegance and charm and hence donning the ball gown is the ideal choice you should make. Ball Gowns suit women of all shapes and sizes and thus are always best sellers as prom dresses. Below is a brief on beautiful variations in Ball Gowns for you to pick one and wear to your prom night.

6 Unique Ball Gowns As Prom Dresses


A Sequined Ball Gown will give you a glittery and dazzling appearance when you make an entry at your prom night.

The bodice can be entirely embroidered with sequins and the skirt can have random sequin placements for the shine. Sequined dresses look best in metallic shades and add to the sparkle of the outfit.


A Ruffled Ball Gown has a skirt with ruffles which adds immense volume to the already bloated up flare. The bodice can be left plain to enhance the ruffles or embellished with beads, as preferred.

Ball Gown skirt with ruffles

A strapless sweetheart neckline will go well with this dress along with subtle hues. Feather or floral ruffles can also be used for the skirt.


A Two-toned Ball Gown can have diverse variations. The bodice can be made up of one tone and the skirt in a complementing tone. Two different shades of the same color can also be used for the bodice and the skirt with the section which you want to be accentuated more being done in the darker shade.

An alternative is to have a lighter or brighter shade beneath the main layering of the dress and to have a darker tone like black on the topmost layer.

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A Ball Gown in lace applique work will give you a delicate appeal if pastel shades are utilized. An abstract lace design or floral lace design can be used for the bodice of the dress.


This work with a high off shoulder neck will give a petite impression. Along with this, full length sleeves and a buttoned up low length back will give an ethereal look.


A Ball Gown can have a beaded bodice and will look great in colors like hot pink, bright yellow and tangerine orange.

The top inch on the border of the neckline can be embroidered in beads with beaded straps running into a dramatic scooped back. Beads can be embedded on the waist line too creating a make shift bold belt for the dress.

Fabricated Flowers

A one shoulder Ball Gown will look stylish and chic. The entire shoulder strap can have fabricated flowers to give a girlish impact. The same feel can be given on the waist line by having a single huge fabricated flower on one side and will go well with your corsage.

Fabricated Flowers gown

The skirt can be left basic and given a handkerchief hem for a unique appeal. This outfit will definitely create some magic when you are on the dance floor swaying in the arms of your date on prom night.