Beach Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Beach Wedding Reception Decoration So you have successfully managed to turn your dream of a beach wedding into reality and next is the perfect reception; isn’t it? As opposed to lawns and community halls, beach side reception parties don’t need too much decoration as it’s the water and the scenery around which will do the trick for you.

However, you still need to plan for the little things that will make it a memorable experience for you and the guests.

Reception Decoration For Beach Wedding

Keep It Simple

With the beach surrounding the area, it’s best advised to keep the color theme to as minimum as possible. Use the colors which would compliment with the color of the water.

Keep It Simple

For instance, if the water is green you can use the elegant combination of white and aqua green whereas for blue water baby pink and sea blue colored decorations will be ideal. Use contrasting colors as they brighten up the space, especially during the day.

Use Unique Flower Decorations

Flowers and carnations are the major essentials to a wedding and a reception. Before deciding, search for all the good boutiques nearby and ask them for their sample work. Keep a check on the prices since you will need the flowers and carnations in bulk and that might earn you discounts with the vendor.

White lilies and colorful seasonal flowers are wonderful choices. In case the occasion is going to be too long, then you might consider emphasizing on carnations as they don’t dry too soon.

Use Shells Instead Of Candle Stands

A reception most likely will be stretched till the sun sets and further into the night. It will be uncomfortable if proper light arrangements aren’t made.

Use Shells Instead Of Candle Stands

But considering it’s the beach side, you can get rid of the common candle holders and instead find a wholesaler who can get you polished shells. Use these shells in each of the guest tables as candle holders. This will give the entire evening a unique and romantic sensation.

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Innovative Seating Arrangement

Now, you have booked the tables and arranged the seating plan. It’s time that you put the seating arrangement in place. And, what’s better than enhancing your grand beach wedding reception into a matchless evening full of fun and excitement. Instead of using simple placards, get your wedding planner to arrange for empty bottle- a lot of them. And, use small notes with the guests name to be put inside the bottles and kept in their designated seats.

Go Out Of The Box

The best way to enjoy the beach is to sink into its beauty. If you are an innovative person as maybe you already are to have chosen a beach reception, you may as well theme the party accordingly. Arrange for a fun beach side volleyball game or surf into the sea with your newlywed husband.

fun beach side volleyball game

You can alternatively arrange for the reception to be held on a yacht or a boat and sail through the sea hand in hand with your better half. There are many other unique ways to celebrate the biggest moment in life but grand or small, it will always be the most special day to you and your family and the memories will be cherished forever.