9 Balloon Decorations For Wedding

Wedding Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations For Wedding

A wedding with balloons properly coordinated with the theme and decor of the place adds more color and gaiety to the event. Here are some ideas for such decorations next time you are given charge to decorate a wedding venue.

Ideas For Wedding Balloon Decorations 

Fashion Show

Fashion Show For Wedding Balloon Decoration

If you have a fun theme for the wedding (example, Las Vegas or even Disney) you could arrange for a ramp walk where people are dressed in balloons. Either make the dress out of balloons or have them wear head gears made of balloons.


Have balloon arches decorating the entire place starting from the entrance to the place where the wedding is being held. Multicolored balloons of different shapes looks better than single colored ones.

Arches For Wedding Balloon Decoration

Dance Floor

If you are planning a wedding with dance and music then add the balloons not only on the dance floor but also put up rods on the four corners and cover them with balloons. For a wedding, gold and pink or even white and mauve look good.

Dance Floor For Wedding Balloon Decoration

Food Counter

Have balloons with the name of the food that is being served a particular counter. Try and coordinate it with the color of the food being served. For example green for vegetables, white for pasta, blue for water and drinks, brown for sweets etc. You could even tie smaller sized one behind each chair – maybe heart shaped ones.

Food Counter For Wedding Balloon Decoration


If you know the art of balloon sculpting or can get someone who does then balloons can even for your table centerpiece theme. Make flowers out of them and put them in vases. Or maybe make baskets full of flowers out of the balloons and place them I the center of the table.

Centerpiece For Wedding Balloon Decoration


Get baby pink colored balloons and decorate the entrance of the wedding venue in the shape of two swans looking at each other and their beaks touching. For the interior use the same colored balloons together with a darker shade of pink and make small hearts all across the walls.

Entrance Balloon Decoration For Wedding

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Just in case your wedding is during Christmas time then have a Christmas tree made of green balloons and decorate it with smaller multicolored balls. Sculpt a gold one into the shape of a star and place it on top. You could even have balloons molded in the shape of gifts and stuck to the bottom of the tree.

Christmas Balloon Decoration For Wedding

Wine Theme

If you decide to have the theme of your wedding as “red and white wine” then use green and purple balloons to make grapes and stick bunches of them on the walls. Even have a large bunch of grapes at the entrance to greet the guests.

Wine Theme Balloon Decoration For Wedding

Beach Party

Even if you are having your wedding on the beach you could use balloons. Use yellow and blue as the balloon colors. Decorate the sitting area with these colors and make the bride carry a bunch of yellow balloon orchids if you want to add more “fun” to your theme. Finally, let the couple ride off in a car that has been decorated with similar colored balloons.

Beach Party Balloon Decoration For Wedding