Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

A baby shower welcomes the baby into the world. During the shower, the baby obtains the blessings of those who are nearest to the mother. The shower should be planned with great detail as though the baby may not remember the shower, it would be delighted and reminded of the love it got during later stages of his/her life.

The important element that a host needs to take care of while planning a baby shower is the decorations and food. Here are a few baby shower cupcake ideas.

Types Of Baby Shower Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcakes

Whether it is the medium ones or the tiny bite sized ones, chocolate cupcakes are an absolute treat. Chocolate goes best with flavors like mint. One could have a mint and chocolate based cupcake with a marshmallow dressings.

Chocolate-creamcheese Frosted Cupcakes

The cupcakes could also be iced with chocolate fudge or patterned with simple sugar icing. Chocolate cupcakes are a favorite and would be a delectable item to serve at a baby shower.

Cupcakes With Nuts

A cupcake, much like a baby is a tiny but very enjoyable item. When combined with equally delicious elements like nuts, these cupcakes become a magnificent treat for any occasion. A baby shower is brightened by the presence of these bite sized edible delights.

Cupcakes With Nuts

A hazelnut based cupcake would be decorated with chocolate and hazelnut paste. Similarly, a peanut based cupcake could be decorated with peanut butter. Other wonderful nuts that can be used are almonds and cashews. Both these are wonderful combinations to any type of dessert.

Filled Cupcakes

Molten cupcakes are filled with delicious gooey interiors. They literally melt in the mouth of the person consuming it. The cupcakes could be filled with chocolate or any other filling. Fruit bases fillings are very popular cupcake fillings. Generally, non chocolate cupcakes are filled with fruit flavors.

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Chocolate fillings are wonderful too. A chocolate truffle filling tastes absolutely gorgeous. Cupcakes filled with delicious flavors do not need to be decorated as they have an individual charm to them.

Cheese Cupcakes

Savory cupcakes are just as good as sweet cupcakes. A cheese cupcake in particular would be a quick favorite with the guests.

Coconut Cupcake

The cupcake could be filled with a gooey mozzarella cheese center and topped with other varieties of cheese like parmesan and cheddar. These would be perfect snack items to serve at the baby shower and would intrigue the guests considerably.

Meat Based Cupcakes

Meat based cupcakes could be served as a side dish during the main meal or as a snack item during the course of the party. Chicken, ham, mutton and beef could be used to flavor the cupcake. Corn and chicken cupcakes would taste divine and could be accompanied by a drink or a glass of juice.

Meat Based Cupcakes

At a baby shower, it is important to keep unique and fun element and these cupcakes would be the perfect dish to serve the purpose. A dish this different would captivate the guest because the last thing they would expect is to be served a dish they thought could only be consumed sweet.