Baby Shower Cakes For Boys Are Really Popular

Shower Cakes For Boys

The occasion of baby shower is always fun. This is indeed obvious that it is really exciting to arrange for a warm welcome for the upcoming baby. Thus, this occasion is considered to be auspicious and special. When it comes to the occasion of baby shower, then it is obvious that there should be some excellent baby shower cakes for boys.

Baby Shower Themes

These days the baby showers are made more interesting with some great themes which literally multiply the fun element to a certain extent. One of the major themes which are used in this occasion is the Mom to be nursery theme.


When this theme is chosen and implemented there is some cartoon character like Pooh which is incorporated to make it more lively and interesting. Also the baby shower cakes for boys theme are equally famous. The cakes are made in a creative way. They are not only delicious but also look great.

Baby Shower Cakes

There can be several themes which can be considered while choosing the baby shower cakes. A themed cake can be chosen by special ordering one from a specialised bakery who deals in the same. If you have some creative idea in mind, then you can easily share that with the bakery management. They can implement the same in the best possible manner and make the baby shower event really special and memorable. The cakes can also be prepared at home or can be ordered to be done from a bakery.

Clothesline Cake

Clothesline Cake

The best clothesline cake meant for the babies is a great idea. There can be many flavours from which you can actually choose one. The cake after purchasing can be frosted to blue and made special.

There can be something written on the cake may be the name of the expecting mother with some icing or food colours in order to make it look special. Little clothes and blankets of the babies can be purchased and decorated to make the cake look special.

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Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

Another great idea for the baby shower cake is the diaper cake which is prevalently used in this event. The speciality of this cake is that there are some high quality diapers which are being used as the centre piece of the cake. The rationale behind this is to gift some high quality diapers to the expecting mom. The diapers can later be used for taking care of the baby. The centre piece can be single tier or 4 tier as according to the budget that you have for the baby shower party.

Cakes – The Boys’ favourite

Cakes - The Boys’ favourite

The boys attending the party are more curious to have the cakes and thus they are more enthusiastic about the cakes that are being served. The cake that is being used in the baby shower party can be of your favourite colour to make it look even more special.

The boys who are present in the party are always in the look out to consume the delicious cakes and also appreciate the look of the cakes in a major way. So, if you are planning a baby shower party, these themes and cake ideas will certainly help you out.