4 Awesome Ideas For Homemade Christmas Decorations

Making your own Christmas decorations is the perfect way to add more warmth, feeling and true Christmas spirit to your celebration. While it might seem a bit challenging to make your very own decorations it is actually quite simple. Here are some awesome ideas and instructions to help you create really simple and easy-to-make homemade Christmas decorations.

Ideas For Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas Decorations Ideas

Popcorn String Christmas Decorations

Popcorn string decorations are really easy to make and even children can help in making them. All you need is a large bowl of popcorn, some string and a needle to make these delectable homemade Christmas decorations. Simply string on popcorn using the needle and thread and you’re done!

You can use these popcorn strings in place of tinsel to decorate your Christmas tree. You can also make your popcorn strings a little more colorful and interesting by adding colorful candies (not hard candy unless it has a hole), chewing gum (not sticky ones) and mints with holes like polo mints. These edible homemade Christmas decorations are sure to be a hit with the kids.

Popcorn String Christmas

Greeting Card Banners

Greeting card banners are also very simple to make. Moreover, these homemade Christmas decorations are rich in Christmassy and sentimental value because you’ll be using all the cards you’ve received from your loved ones and this makes these decorations extra special. Take a long piece of thick twine or ribbon and fold your greeting cards in half over the twine.

Using tiny bits of sellotape secure the open flaps of the cards and voila you have a pretty and colorful little Christmas banner, which you can string across your living room or hall thereby showing your friends and family how much you appreciate the thoughtfulness of their cards.

You can make this decorative Christmas banner a little more interesting by securing the open flaps of the card with ribbon instead of tape. Of course this means you will have to punch holes in the card (4 holes) and slip in a piece of decorative ribbon and make a neat little bow. You can also string on spare hanging ornaments or homemade paper decorations between each card (alternating) to add a bit of variety.

Greeting Card Banners

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Paper Snowflake Chains

If you have seen the movie Elf starring Will Ferrell, you will have noticed that the paper snowflake chains used in the movie are not only amazingly creative but incredibly beautiful. Add a touch of snowy splendor to your home by making your own snowflake Christmas decorations.

These homemade Christmas decorations are really interesting as you can make each snowflake unique by cutting different shapes and patterns in the paper. The first thing to do is make plenty of snowflakes. To make a simple snowflake take a piece of white or decorative paper and fold it to make a triangular shape and then fold it once more (again making a triangle).

Take a pencil and a ruler and divide this triangle into three parts drawing light lines. Fold one side of the triangle over to meet the furthermost line and then fold the other part over this to create a conical shape with two sharp diverging ends. Snip off the top part with the two sharp ends, cutting diagonally so that you once more have a triangular shape. Now using your creativity you can cut out various shapes and designs. Once you’re done, you can unfold the paper to reveal a beautifully unique paper snowflake.

Repeat this process till you have enough snowflakes to string together. These paper snowflakes can be easily torn so be extra careful while stringing them up using thread or narrow ribbon. You can also use other kinds of snowflakes to make these chains like 3D snowflakes. These homemade Christmas decorations can be strung across the ceilings in your home and can also be used to decorate doorways and windows.

Paper Snowflake Chains

Paper Wreaths

Using colored paper to make delicate and colorful wreaths is another awesome idea for homemade Christmas decorations. You can make these wreaths using different kinds of paper. All you need is plenty of decorative paper and some large sized beads (glass or painted wooden ones).

Cut up the paper into squares of equal size (approximately 8 inches), and then fold each square four times (folding them into a triangle each time). String these triangles and the large beads (alternating) on very thin and pliable wire and gently bring the ends together to form a circle (twist the ends together to secure). You can make these paper wreaths in different sizes and adorn the walls, doors and windows of your home with them.

Paper Wreaths