Awesome Edible Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an integral part of a wedding. They are a small token of thanks for your guests for attending the wedding and giving their blessings. Favors can be of different types and styles, but what’s better than giving edible wedding favors.

Edible wedding favors can be found in many specialty and novelty gift shops. But they can also be put-together at home for a more personalized touch. All you need is some creativity to make some amazing DIY edible wedding favors.

Amazing Edible Wedding Favors

Small Basket Of Mixed Berries

Basket of Mixed Berries

A great idea for wedding favor is to get some small wicker baskets and fill them with an assortment of fresh berries like, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Tie a small ribbon on each basket. Make sure that the color of the ribbon matches the wedding theme color.

Macaroons In I Box

To sweeten your wedding, a great idea is to pack a macaroon in a small box. Everybody loves macaroons and what better way to thank your guests than gifting macaroons as wedding favors. You can purchase small cardboard boxes for packing the macaroons. Embellish the boxes with a pretty ribbon and a silk flower.

Relish In A Jar

Relishes also make great favors for wedding guests. If you have a friend who is great at making jams and relishes, ask her to make a batch of relish for you.

Relish In A Jar

You can also buy a big batch of relish from a local delicatessen shop. Purchase mini jam jars, fill them with relishes. To embellish the jars, create colourful paper tags and tie them to the jars with a twine.

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Cookies In A Bag

This is one of the easiest wedding favor to put together. Buy or get any friend or family member to bake some sugar cookies. Wrap two to three sugar cookies in plastic wrap. Place the wrapped cookies in a paper bag and your DIY edible favors are done. To make the paper bag look a little festive, draw some hears on it or use a stencil to make pretty patterns on the bag.

Lemonade In A Bottle

If you are having a summer wedding or a beach wedding, then this idea for wedding favor is quite practical and suitable. Purchase mini glass bottles that come with cork stoppers. Also make a huge batch of lemonade. If you are pressed for time, then you can enlist the help of an aunt or friend to make the lemonade.

Lemonade In A Bottle

You are sure to have several friends and family who love to cook and would help you out in making the lemonade. Now, fill this homemade lemonade into the glass bottles and secure with the cork stoppers. Make personalized labels and stick them on the bottle.

Basket Of Tropical Fruits

If you have a Hawaiian or beach themed wedding, then in keeping with the theme, gift your wedding guests a basket of tropical fruits. Arrange some tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapple, kiwis and dragon fruit in a basket and gift these to your guests.

These unique edible wedding favors are sure to be appreciated by your guests. Personalizing the favors by adding ribbons and homemade gift tags are the best way to make your wedding favors look great.