3 Awesome 40th Birthday Ideas

Awesome 40th Birthday Ideas

Turning 40 is something to celebrate. After all you don’t turn forty every day! The number 40 marks a special epoch in one’s life. It does not mean you’re getting old but marks an important stage of your life.

Since this curious number is soon to form a part of somebody’s happy life, it is a good idea to celebrate by doing things one loves best and with the people one loves most. Draw up a party plan for that special somebody or for yourself.

Awesome 40th Birthday Ideas

1. Unusual And Adventurous 40th Birthday Ideas

If the birthday boy or girl is an outdoor kind of person and who loves adventures, celebrating this special day by organizing group camping, skiing or fishing trips would be a cool idea . For the more extreme sort, bungee diving, paragliding, water skiing, hunting, or rock climbing would be an ideal way to spend the day.

Ocean cruises, scuba diving, and hiking are other options. Adventured themed birthday presents like a new fishing rod and line or bait (a can of worms would be a funny gift) for a person who enjoys fishing, or a knapsack and climbing gear for a person who likes rock climbing, would be both fun and useful.

 Unusual And Adventurous 40th Birthday Ideas

2. Classy 40th Birthday Ideas

If dabbling in muddy pools or spine chilling leaps into the air is not your kind of thing, opt for an ultra-modern birthday celebration with a touch of class. From celebrating your (or your loved one’s) 40th birthday in an upscale restaurant to luxury ocean liner cruises, you can add a touch of elegance to a 40th birthday.

For a person that has a taste for exotic wines, a visit to a winery or a trip to an Italian vineyard (while staying at a ritzy hotel or posh villa) would be relaxing and enjoyable.  An ice bucket of expensive wine bottles would make a nice present for a person with a taste for classiness.

Classy 40th Birthday Ideas

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3. Fun 40th Birthday Ideas

Themed birthday parties are all the rage. You can pick any theme you like that suits the occasion and you don’t have to worry about it being “age appropriate”. A 40’s theme or a theme based on the decade you were born in would be an interesting idea.

You can also celebrate and flaunt your (or your friend’s) entry into the “fun ‘n’ fab” 40’s by going all out with an “over the hill” themed party. These parties can turn out to be truly funny and memorable if you go about it the right way, and make sure you don’t do anything to offend the birthday boy or girl.

If you are into gaming like gambling, you can host a gambling party at a casino. If you are into video gaming (quite a lot of 40 year olds play video games), why not set up about 5-10 computers in your home, horde in some snacks, beer or soda if you’re a teetotaler, and invite your friends over for a day-long gaming session. A surprise party can be a complete blast. There’s nothing like springing a surprise for a loved one.

Fun 40th Birthday Ideas

Here are some other 40th birthday ideas that might prove to be both original and fun – a Hawaiian themed party (with a luau), a spa party for women, a sport themed party for men or a Western themed party. Other options include having a traditional birthday (who says having a family dinner can’t be fun?), or a bar or club hopping birthday where you and your friends can visit the best clubs and pubs around your town.