Award Your Father With A Cake On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one of the most special days in a year if you want to tell your dad that you really love him. Baking a cake for him is a nice way of showing him how much you love him and this would make him feel very special.

But, rather than making a cake which is ordinary and can be easily bought from the nearby bakery, it would be better if you could make him a cake which somehow relates to him. This would show him, that you went the extra distance to put all of it together and the appreciation would be greater.

 Cake On Father’s Day

Types of Father’s Day Cakes

Planning the whole concept is the first step. As you have to decide the design on the top of the cake, make sure you choose something which is really appealing and eye catching. This design should be somehow related to what he does or what he likes doing. Some of the popular ideas used for making Father’s Day cakes are making it in the shape of a Tie, or making the design of a tool on the top or simply carving the letters D, A and D on the top of the cake.

Cake On Father’s Day

Having the cake done in the shape of a tie can be pretty common and if he has seen some cake like that prior to your efforts, then the entire surprise would go down the drain. So let’s take the example of the cake with the design of the tools on top of it.

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Making the Cake

Bake a cake with the same process as you would do otherwise. The trick here is to make the cake top in a different manner. You can make the top in the same pan which was used for baking the cake. This way you will know it fits perfectly. One of the best products available in the market for making the top and the tools is Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate Candy Making and Wafers. The wafers are very soft and do not have to alternately tampered with. The top needs to be about ¼ inch thick, so that it does not break.

  How To Make A Fathers Day Cake

Take the wafers and microwave them for 45 seconds so that they melt. Stir them continuously for five minutes and microwave them again for fifteen seconds. Keep stirring them continuously, so that the constituency does not change. Pour the molten chocolate in the pan and refrigerate for forty-five minutes.

Make sure that there are no air bubbles left, by tapping the pan. Once the refrigeration is done, take the pan and upturn it on a piece of cardboard bigger in size than the pan. Now that the top is ready, adjust it on the cake and add frosting on it.

For making the tools, you would need a toolbox mould. Follow the same process as you did to prepare the cake top except that these should be refrigerated for twenty minutes instead of forty five. Take the chocolate tools and arrange them accordingly on the top and you are good to go! Get the Father’s Day grooving with some mouth watering cake varieties.