Attractive Bridal Shower Accessories

Bridal Shower is a synonym for a great party with girls, madness and a lot of fun things. The bride’s girl friends give her a party couple of days prior to the wedding to have few moments of bachelorette fun before she gets married.

Since the night spells out pre-nuptial enjoyment, everything at the party must be fun and pretty, including the accessories. Let’s go through a list of attractive accessories for a bridal shower.

Ideas For Bridal Shower Accessories

Invitation Cards

Invitation Cards should be sent out to every friend at least a week in advance so that together you can plan out all the activities and gifts to be bought. The Invitation Cards can specify all the details along with the bride’s lingerie size so that it becomes easier for everyone to buy the gifts.


Lingerie Set gift

Everyone can get sexy lingerie and night wear for the bride as a gift for her bridal shower. You can also include these gifts in your activities wherein the bride opens every gift and has to pose with whatever is gifted to her. It can really go down to very naughty levels.


The bride should get totally pampered by her friends on this special day. She should be made felt like she is the queen of the world. Hence, a tiara studded with stones can be bought to make her wear as she enters the gathering. A tiara is a head accessory worn around the head like a crown.


A sash can be bought or even better, hand-made for the bride to complete the whole picture with the tiara. A sash is a broad ribbon worn over one shoulder ending at the hip. The sash should have the words “Bride to be” printed on it. All the friends can then sit around in a semicircle and ask the bride to do a ramp walk in her tiara and sash to make her feel like a real princess.

Wrist Bands

The friends of the bride while arranging all the accessories for the bridal shower should get one made for themselves too. Colorful bands or of the same color can be worn by all the friends or bridesmaids around their wrists.

Wrist Bands

These bands should have the words “Team Bride” printed on them. This will add a lot of sentiments to the whole party and make the bride feel a greater connect with her friends.

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Huge Glasses

Huge Glasses are another accessory which will bring in a lot of excitement when donned at the bridal shower. These glasses are cool and look very funny when worn. They come in various types like bling glasses, neon glasses, simple colored glasses, etc. These can be arranged and posed with for pictures for amazing memories.

Game Accessories

You would have a lot of games and activities planned for the night. So you would need a lot of naughty and enjoyable things to rock the bridal shower. You could arrange a whip, hand cuffs, whipped cream, pens, writing pads and any other accessories you would need for the activities.

Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags with a lot of small things can be organized to hand over to every girl before leaving the party. It is given just as a token of love for the womanhood celebrated together at their common friend’s bridal shower.

Ideas And Tips

These goodie bags can contain chocolates, key chains, earrings, rings, and a picture of the night with the bride.