4 Astounding Wedding Shower Themes

Wedding Shower Theme

Wedding Shower Theme

Wedding showers are currently very common celebrations; it ushers in the celebrations leading to the wedding. This is a time when the bride is given some rest from the arrangements of the wedding, and is showered with affection, care and an atmosphere of fun and frolic is prevalent.

Different Types Of Wedding Shower Theme


Let the theme of the wedding shower scream out “Pink”. For the invitations, you can have a plain pink background card with golden glitter borders; this can be easily crafted at home. Pink is such a pleasant colour, let’s have pink and white balloons tied together and bunches of these tied in the doorway and around the chairs.

Pink Wedding Shower

You need to have a cake for this theme, according to your baking skill you can make a pink rose cake, which are iced with whirls of butter cream frosting, or can go for pink colour iced cup cakes. For the centrepieces on the tables, spread around pink colour beads and this would look really elegant and simple. Strawberry flavoured lip gloss would be an excellent return gift, packed in pink transparent wrapping paper. Let the place blink with “pink”

Beauty Wedding Shower

Who does not like to be pampered, let’s focus on the bride and give her a break from all the stress of the wedding arrangements. Let the girls get indulged in beauty treatments from the professionals. Currently there are varied spa treatments, ranging from full body spa massage, only facial treatments, and special packages for the brides.

After having a lovely spa treatment, head to a Chinese restaurant and gauge on delectable Chinese food and have some lovely green tea to digest the events of the day.

Beauty Wedding Shower

Cooking  Shower

A hearty meal makes all of us happy and brings a smile on our face. This is a simple wedding shower to arrange for, ask each invitee of the wedding shower, to make one dish and let the host have the, list of the dishes being made, so that there is no confusion and duplication.

Let the menu range from lip- smacking appetizers, exquisite main courses and lovely choice of desserts. Bride to be will be so happy to be treated in such royalty. For this theme just keep the decor of the venue simple, with fresh flower arrangements such as red roses and floating flower arrangements.

Cooking  Shower

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Sparkle As A Diamond

Diamonds are women’s best friend and Let your wedding shower bash bling, with diamonds. Make the invitation cards twinkle with small sparkles, and design it in the initial of the bride and stick it on the card. For the decoration have a stunning silver crystal tree, arranged near the entrance, this flashes the theme across.

The centrepiece of the table should be very simple, just drop few artificial rings with white stones in the middle of the table, these are available well within the budget. A diamond theme couldn’t be carried out without a diamond shape cake, make a fruit based cake with a white fondant icing and carve out a ring with fondant icing and place it on the top of the cake. Let the sides of the cake be decorated with silver beads and sparkles.

Small silver flower vases would be the perfect return gift for this theme, pack these in attractive translucent gift wrappers and tie a white transparent ribbon around it. Every bride dreams, to sparkle for her wedding, make this dream come true for them with the commencement of their wedding shower bash. Bride, is the princess, and delight her with surprises.

Sparkle As A Diamond