5 Anniversary Party Games


5 Anniversary Party Games

Games make parties more enjoyable. They are engaging and fun and keep the guests entertained. In parties, generally everybody is not acquainted with each other. Party games thus act as ice breakers, making the environment friendlier. For anniversary, quieter games are more appropriate. Sit down games are more enjoyed by the guests. The games also help focus continuously on the couple who are throwing the party. Here are some fun anniversary party games that you could play.

Anniversary Party Games

1. True Or False Game

True Or False Game

This game is an easy game to play. You could prepare a list of a few questions that are connected to the married couple. These questions should be from events and stories that the family members and friends have heard again and again. The questions should not be based on any personal memories as that would defeat the purpose of the game.

You could ask the questions to the guests in a true and false format. If the answers are wrong a penalty might be posted on the guests. The penalty might be a small amount of cash that could be collected and then given to the person who got most of the answers right.

2. Card Games

Card Games

Card games are always fun at parties meant for adults. They are engaging but not tiring. They can be played sitting at one place. One could also converse during card games which makes it a good ice breaker. For an anniversary party, a card game is an absolute must.

3. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are a fun and energetic game. The chairs need to be arranged in a line and the music needs to be played, not at a stretch but with stops. Every time the music stops each player needs to find an empty chair to sit on.

The chairs arranged are one number less than the number of players and thus with every pause, one player gets eliminated. This continues till only one the winner is left standing, or in this case sitting.

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4. Passing The Parcel

Passing the parcel is a very fun game. But for an adult this game might be played with a little twist. The parcel could be wrapped in layers of newspaper. But every layer could have a question one it. This question needs to be answered by whomever the parcel lands on. The questions could be about the couple and a penalty could be issued on the person who cannot answer the question.

Passing The Parcel

5. Impromptu Speech

Impromptu speech is a game that could be played at an anniversary. You could ask all the guests to write their names on a piece of paper. All the names could then be collected in a large hat or box and shuffled. A name could then be picked out from the box.

After the name has been picked out, the person would then be asked to relate a story about the couple for a minute or two. This could be the story of how the person first met the couple or a funny incident that had occurred. This game would provide a lot of laugh and conversation topics for the guests.

Impromptu Speech