4 Anniversary Party Games Ideas

 Anniversary Party Games Ideas

Having an anniversary, or arranging one? Without proper and fun-filled party games, a party can become a real bore. In an anniversary, you should have games, which focus mainly on the happening couple, but indulge everybody.Also, a party game is great to break the ice; people will start knowing each other, and the party will feel much more alive. As in an anniversary party, guests from a varying age line are present, it is important to hold some games, which include all of them.

Some Tips For Anniversary Games

The types of games, to be played in the party, should be according to the time spent by the couple i.e. the number of years, they spent together. For example, a 25th anniversary couple should indulge in games, which are mature and includes their history together. In no point should the marital feathers be ruffled. There should be no awkward moments in the games. Remember, that these games are being organized (and played) to bring momentous joy and laughs. So let us start with the list of some games, which you might organize in an anniversary party.

1. Questions Game

This is a very common and fun game. Separate the ‘main’ couple; get them in different rooms. Then ask one (say the wife), questions about her husband, answers of which she might be able to give, being his wife. The questions must be funny, and not too intriguing (or poking into the marital area). After done with this, bring the couple back together and clarify the answers from the husband. Now the men can do the same thing with the husband.

Questions Game

2. “Guess My Name” Game

This game is brilliant and fun. Select the names of different high profile celebrities, also including the ones who were famous in the year the couple got married. Now print (or write) the names on different sheets of paper, and stick them on the back of the guests. Now the guest should wander around and ask questions about the character pasted on their backs (e.g. “is it a man or woman?” or “is she an actress or model?” etc.). The answers should only be in “yes” or “no.” In the process, guest will be able to converse and mingle with one another, and it will be fun too.

Guess My Name Game

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3. True Or False Game

This game involves the whole family of the couple. Write down in a paper a list of events, that involves the main couple. Now read the events aloud, in front of the guests and ask specific family members to identify if the facts are true or false. Also, read out the original answers to the guests. You may also try this game with the ‘celebrated’ couple; asking questions about one spouse to the other (maybe of their life, when they were single).

True Or False Game

4. Musical Chairs Game

‘Musical chairs’ is a very common game. Place a collection of chairs; either as a circle, the ‘faces’ of the chairs outside, or placing them in a straight line with one chair touching the back of another. Now ask the guests (whose total number should always be one greater than the number of chairs) circle the collection of chairs and go on circling until certain music, playing stops. When this music stops then the guests are to sit down on a chair close to them. This will result in one guest not getting a seat; he/she walks out.

Musical Chairs Game