Amazing Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Planning Ideas

A perfectly planned wedding is a perfect idea to make a wedding ceremony memorable for the bride, groom, their family and friends. It is a unique idea that appeals to the couple. Like other weddings, a planned wedding takes up a little bit of time, creativity and imagination to make the occasion just perfect. It may be in an informal style following the cowboy hats, boots and jeans or in a formal style at a farm house with classy bridal gown and antique decorations.

The music, decorations, food and other arrangements play a major role in making a wedding function successful.

How to Plan a Wedding

Look Out for the Location

Look Out for the Location

The venue of the wedding function has an important role in planning a wedding. The whole event must give that Old West feeling with the preparations. Make the ceremony happen in a country side place, out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

You may go for a grand farm house or ranch. Farm houses are rented out during wedding seasons and the rent is affordable. You may also go to a forest area to make the atmosphere more natural.

Effective Dress Codes

Effective Dress Codes

Invite your guests and encourage them to wear outfits that match the theme of the occasion to make it more appealing. Women may wear large gowns with funky colours and use accessories like bonnets and laces. Men can wear boots, cowboy hats and suits.

They may go for bolos in the place of ties because bolos give a more western touch to the wedding. Following the dress codes will set up an environment of a complete culture. A stable mindset will play throughout the reception and wedding function.

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Exciting Wedding Menu Ideas

Food and Drink

Food and Drink

The food and drink served at the occasion must go well with the theme of wedding. Barbeque is preferred as the main course. Other food items may include soups, corn breads, fresh vegetables and fruits for salad and homemade pies and cakes for desserts.

Think of olden weddings and then decide what would be the best menu according to that style. Many other food items may be added to the menu as per the guests demand and desires but the main course should consist of purely themed foods. It would be quite exciting if you add homemade drinks and whiskey.

Decorations for ‘I do’: Focus on Aisle Decorations

Decorations for I do Focus on Aisle Decorations

Use confetti that gives a unique look to the aisle. Use tan fabric to decorate the venue. Make huge curtains out of it or wrap up the tress in the surroundings with tan fabric. Centrepieces are of much importance.

An easy centrepiece idea may be a huge cowboy hat in the centre of the venue. You may ask the guests to perform some fun activities for the bride and the groom to make it more entertaining. Hire a DJ and ask him to play dance numbers or different wedding theme songs such as ‘The Fresh Prince- Wild- Wild West’.

Send your guests home with lovely favours such as sweet charm bracelets. On the cake table, sprinkle confetti and add wedding theme toppings. With interesting new ideas and perfect arrangements you can make the wedding the talk of the town and an event full of beautiful memories to cherish a lifetime.