5 Amazing Theme Ideas For A Prom Night

Amazing Theme Ideas For A Prom Night

Ask a high schooler and he/she will tell you the importance and the excitement revolving around the prom party. As soon as youngsters enter the senior year of high school the most looked forward to event is the prom party. Every single one of them is euphoric about this event.

Well, the main idea is to bid farewell to the senior students but the underlying reason for the excitement is the fun, dance, music, good food and drinks and an evening spent with their date in tow.

Now, can we blame you to be excited? But like any other party, prom evening too requires a lot of planning. Gone are the days when the prom evening meant boring black and white parties with simple, mundane decorations.

Now the time is to jazz it up with funky ideas. So if you are planning the prom evening of the year, do it in style with different themes that will add a lot of charm to the evening.

Theme Ideas For A Prom Night

An Evening In Paris

An Evening In Paris

Romance and dance are an integral part of the prom party. And Paris is romance personified. So what could be a better theme than this to create a world of romance? Have a Paris themed prom evening with props and decorations that bring the city of Paris alive at your venue. An entrance to the venue could be in the shape of the arches that are famous in Paris.

You can have balloons or cut outs of the Eiffel tower and other buildings famous in Paris. Hang colourful streamers from the ceiling. Recreate the sidewalk cafes that this city is famous for and make the seating arrangement in this style. Have lamp posts along these sidewalks.

Paris is also called the ‘City of Lights’ and hence put as many lights as you can to give a beautiful shine and glow to the venue. Hang a big chandelier in the centre which is unique and gorgeous. For the dress code ask the boys and girls to be the fashionistas and come in the trendiest, classiest outfits. For the men it could be tuxedos while the girls can be in gowns or dresses with stilettos.

A good menu will include a variety of entrees, a lavish main course, followed by different types of cheese and delicious desserts. Champagne and wine will add on to the style of this party.

The Warm Arabian Nights

The Warm Arabian Nights

Belly dancing! That’s the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear Arabian Nights, right? Well no one is blaming you. Have belly dancing as part of the entertainment for that night. Call professionals who will charm their way in the party. But along with this to create the magical land of the Arabs you need to work on the ambiance. For the decor have candles and those old lamps instead of lights.

Have floor or low sitting in typical Arabic style with hand woven colourful table linen. Have cut outs or photo graphs of Camels. A huge backdrop of the desert is very important to create the feel. Add a lot of glitter and shine by using a lot of metallic decorations. The dress code could be kept accordingly, and guests could come in Arabic/gypsy outfits. They can have accessories like the belly belt of coins for the girls which are worn for belly dancing.

Having a good Arabic or a Lebanese menu will be loved. So hummus with khaboos, Pita breads, Falafel and Shawarmas will make an interesting menu. You can have dates and dry fruits that are typically Arabic. A kawah or an Irish coffee will also be liked.

Sealed with A Rose

A rose is the epitome of beauty, love and romance. No wonder it is a widely loved flower and perfect for occasions. Have a rose themed prom party for an alluring evening and trust me not a soul will remain untouched by the magic of love. A prom evening is essentially a romantic evening with your date in midst of others who are celebrating their togetherness too.

You could stick to a red rose or have a collection of roses of different colors like pink, peach, yellow, white, purple, orange. Roses are the most mesmerising flowers. Disperse the sweet fragrance of roses in the air and complete the look with table centre pieces of roses.

While entering the party a red rose could be given to the men to be put on their tuxedos and the men can put another rose as a hair accessory on the lady’s hair. Take photos of the couples and frame it in a beautiful photo frame sealed with a rose. It will be a cherished memoir throughout life.

Sealed with A Rose

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The Retro Romance

The era of the 50’s and 60’s was magical and of bold romantics. So having a retro theme for the prom night will be a super hit idea. Remember the rockstar, Elvis Presely and his look? That is the effect and the style that has to be re created. Disco came about in this time and hence create a disco look for the venue. Put disco lights and hang disco balls in shimmering paper.

Try to have a dais or a little elevation on one side of the venue. Keep the venue dimly lit. Men can be in bell bottom pants and the polka dot shirts with their hair done in the Presely style. Women can be in short disco dresses or in flared pants to match up the retro look. Both of them can put on large shades to complete the look.

No restrictions on the menu here have good food coming in regularly. A variety of good starters will keep the party rolling and rocking. At this age, nobody has time to sit down for a main course. Everyone wants to dance and have fun and hence entrees which can be munched on easily are a big hit.

The Retro Romance

An Evening at the Oscar’s

Lights, Camera and Action! Yes, this is what your Oscar themed party should be all about. Let the couples come in together and welcome them with a red carpet. Have lots of lights and cameras taking their pictures. Make the entire entry larger than life.

Let the ladies be in flowing designer gowns and the men in their finest dinner jackets. The ladies can leave their hair lose or have a perfect hairdo for the evening. All of us love to see the red carpet at the Oscar’s so why miss a chance to live that experience in your own way.

For the decor have a stage with a huge backdrop of the golden knight holding the sword. You could have posters of the films that have won Oscar over the years as well as stars who are associated with the academy awards. Make sure that everything from the decor to the lights to the seating arrangements is classy and elegant. Instead of having the regular Prom King and Queen, you can have the Oscar for the best looking male and female. Similarly think of other award categories too.

A Prom night comes just once in everybody’s life and the memories remain forever. Throw yourselves an unforgettable one.

An Evening at the Oscar’s