5 Amazing Prom Themes For A Perfect Night

5 Amazing Prom Themes For A Perfect Night

It is the end of the senior year and everyone is looking forward to spend the prom night with their partners. You want that night to be perfect for everyone and yourself. You need to find the ideal theme for the night. I have listed a few cool and romantic themes for your promenade that you could consider having for prom.

Various Prom Themes For A Perfect Night

1. Masquerade Party

This one is a very popular prom theme and it is still enticing. You can have the theme of the phantom of the opera, which is a classic. The masks could be golden and red in color with some feather on them. You could also have masquerade arches and giant cardboard masks as standees for the event. Beautiful chandelier with beads, feathers and masks look attractive. Centerpiece could have opera candle stands and black, red and golden candles on them.

A Masquerade Party

2. Under The Sea

This theme is a flight of the imagination; vibrant colors execute this theme perfectly. A seascape wall mural on the background is where the imagination begins. Star fish and shells would look stunning on walls around the dance floor. The chandelier could be of beads and shells too. You can have the dream world of Atlantis as the main theme for the fantasy filled night, or have Mermaids for the same. In fact, a shipwreck and treasure chest would add vision to the ball. Blue and white even purple colored candles look enchanting for this theme.

Under The Sea

3. Moonlit Kiss

Poets romanticize with the starry sky, let this be your theme for prom and give the people an opportunity to idealize it with their partners. The best part about this theme is that you not only highlight the moon but you can keep it practical by highlighting the city skyline or have a fantasy theme by having a garden or park look and feel to it. There can be cobblestone pathways for the garden, gnomes at corners, good use of flowers for the decoration is essential for this theme. You can have the entire theme in a garden and have a dance floor in the middle of the garden, with fountains around the garden. A good idea could be to have a few ducks swimming in a small pond.

Moonlit Kiss

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4. Romance In Rome

A Venetian theme is a very unique idea; this can be done by keeping a beautiful dome archway at the entrance, a background of the Venetian canal wall mural and also having boats on the sides or at the photo corner. Couples can have their pictures taken seated in it. Ancient roman statues are good for decorations. The Colosseum as a backdrop of the dance floor would look marvelous with dim lights flashing on stage.

Romance In Rome

5. Retro Style

This theme is getting popular by the day among teens. This would be a lovely choice for the prom. Pick an era, for instance, the fifties. You could consider having invitation cards printed in a retro style, perhaps something with retro cars, etc. The colors would be pink, white, blue and black mostly, combined with other solid colors.

There can be archways of guitars and musical icons. Signs of peace could be used for decoration and giant cardboards with car prints can be used as standees.