Amazing Ideas For A Themed Party For Kids

kids birthday party Birthdays are those special occasions when all of us are reminded of the kid within us. The enthusiasm with which kids welcome their birthdays cannot be matched.

On the eve of their birthday, they get extremely excited about their birthday party, friends, games, cake and gifts. And to top it all, nowadays, every kid wants to celebrate the birthday with a bigger and better theme than the other. So here’s a theme for your special one to make his/her birthday extra special: The Colorful Carnival.

Amazing Party Theme For Kids


For planning any party, the venue is of utmost importance. Since you need a carnival setting, you can have the party arranged at a park. The rides and swings at the park would only add on to your theme. If you live in a house with a lawn attached to it, you can organize it in the open space. It will be easier to manage things when it is at your abode.


Instead of the traditional paper card invitation, you can send a balloon with all the details printed on it.

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To make it more interesting, you can send different colored balloons to all kids and ask their parents to dress them up in the color of the balloon they have received to keep up with your theme of the Colorful Carnival.


You can keep various stalls with food items like an actual set up of a carnival. Cotton Candy, French Fries, Popcorn and Ice cream stalls are a few must haves to give the kids the feel of a carnival. The cake can be in the shape of a Carousel, Ferris wheel or Mickey Mouse. To make it more innovative, you can have Mickey Mouse riding in the carousel.


Tents on the Turf. Set up different tents of diverse colors for all the games you have thought of. Here are a few suggestions:

Outdoor Games

Hit The Target: The kids have to use a ball to hit a pyramid made of glasses. The kid with the maximum number of fallen glasses wins.

Tail The Cat: You need a poster with a cat’s sketch on it but without its tail. The kids then have to be blind folded and with the help of a marker, draw the cat’s tail. The kid closest in drawing the actual tail of the cat wins.

Aim The Game: At the next stall, you can set up a table with small freebies. The kids have to aim a coin at the freebies from a distance. If the coin touches and settles on a particular freebie, the kid gets to take it home.

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Some More Activities

Kids can be very restless and it is important yet difficult to keep them busy at all times. Hence, with all the games and food you could add some more activities to make sure every kid is engaged in some activity.

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Tattoo Artist: You can call a temporary tattoo artist who can paint various characters for the kids on their wrists, arms, etc. The kids can choose the character they like the most and get it inked on themselves.

Beady Bands

You can arrange for threads and colorful beads with alphabets printed on them. The kids can make a band for themselves by selecting beads with alphabets that make up their names. This activity is sure to keep the kids busy and entertained. A carnival theme has all the elements to make your kid do the boogie.