Amazing Green Wedding Invitation Ideas

Green Wedding Invitations Sending wedding invitation is a time taking job as you need to do a lot like making a list of friends, arranging the cards and many more. How would you like to invite your guests?

Isn’t it exciting to choose an eco-friendly way of inviting the nearest ones, without exasperating an already bushed earth? You and your spouse will be regarded as the couple that cares for the mother earth and want it to remain as it is.

You don’t have to jostle your brain much to do this simple job as there are several options available to choose the exact green card for the grand ceremony.

Amazing Green Wedding Invitation Ideas

How to Start

While shopping for a green wedding card, you have to keep three things in mind. The cards should represent your personality, the material of the card must be recyclable and chic and it should suit your budget. The couple can opt for the cards, which are made of 100% cotton and recycled paper.

Like any other wedding invitation cards, the green cards are also available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Never go for the cards which are of bright color. Though they have great appeal yet the chemicals used to color the cards badly affects the environment. The more you prefer raw material the more you care for the environment. To write the message you can use soy –based ink. They are also available in different appealing and bright colors and are quite economical to avail.

Available Options

The most preferable option is to opt for the green wedding cards which don’t make use of a tree material. There are wide ranges of green wedding cards that are made of cotton papers. Apart from this, the cards made of vellum and different other materials are also well enough to serve your purpose.

Green Wedding Invitation Ideas

The cards look elegant and beautiful and you can invite as many people as you wish without a least tension of leaving any negative impact on your friends and family. Rather, they will appreciate your choice and will learn from you how a simple choice can make a big difference in the environment.

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Uses of Technology

Take advantage of this tech-era and send invitations very first. You can redirect your guests to a RSVP website which they will prefer to visit and they can easily reply to your invitation. The best option is to mail the wedding date and the venue to your guests. These options are great to save trees that are inevitable part of our environment.

Designers Speak

There are a few people who still believe that sending paper invitations is the best option to represent the choice and class of the family. Actually, they are the parents and grandparents of the family who don’t have much idea about today’s technological advances.

However, if you care for the environment you may know how trees get affected to prepare the wedding cards. So, if you don’t have much time to prepare green cards then take help of a designer who can make the full use of digital graphs and make your cards ready.

When we have many options with us, it makes no sense to choose any other way to invite guests. So, go green. Go for green wedding invitations only.

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