Amazing Easter Egg Baskets

Amazing Easter Egg Baskets Easter eggs, the special eggs which herald springtime and add color and hue to the Easter holidays and their celebrations, remind believers of the arousal of Jesus from his tomb and about their faith in the eternity of life.

Getting Creative With Easter Egg Baskets

As revelers prepare to celebrate Easter, they look for innovative and unique themes for putting together their egg baskets in a way which makes children and adults appreciate their efforts and creative streaks. Instead of going in for the traditional plastic or wicker baskets, it is certainly more fun to think of ideas that are different and exciting too.

Gardening Hat And Accessories For Fun In The Greens


One of the best ideas for Easter egg baskets is one which makes uses of a fancy straw hat with a gardening theme. Invert the hat and decorate it with fresh harvest from the kitchen garden or add some spring flowers to make it more attractive and colorful. Fill up the basket with Easter eggs, seed packets, gardening tools for children and a journal to get them started.

Gardening Hat And Accessories

Tips And Tricks

Apart from adding a touch of fun while dressing up to work in the garden, the straw hat can also be used as a sun hat for beach outings or a picnic near the riverside. Depending on the recreational and sporting preferences of the child, you can even go in for a skateboarding helmet or one that is used while playing football.

Plastic Buckets Or Metal Pails For Long Hours On The Beach


Metal pails or plastic buckets can also prove to be cute choices for creating innovative egg baskets. Little kids would be delighted to get a treasure trove packed with nice Easter gifts, which may include sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towels, plastic shovels, bubbles and more.

Tips And Tricks

These colorful pails can also be used for creating gift baskets with bath themes. Washcloths and wraps which are custom designed to contain the child’s name or initials, can act as the perfect surprise and gift for the holiday season.

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Backpacks That Go A Long Way In Adding Fun


Another great idea which serves to double up as a utility Easter egg basket is the usage of a smart backpack to pack in goodies, eggs and loads of tiny things required by preschoolers and young kids. These roomy backpacks can contain items linked to their hobby classes, art material, summer clothes or stationary along with candies and treats.

  Backpacks That Go A Long Way In Adding Fun

Tips And Tricks

Attractive backpacks with animated motifs, stitched bunnies and colorful prints with themes based on spring and Easter, make exciting gift bags for kids, along with getting excited shrieks for those carefully placed Easter eggs within.

If you want to make your Easter egg basket candy free and do not want to add in other gifts and treats, then take a personalized tote bag and stuff it up with plastic eggs which come in a diverse range of attractive colors and designs. A tiny wicker basket stuffed with candies and an egg placed on top or a large sized milk mug with goodies, are also other ways of making the celebration more fun filled and exciting.