Amazing Baby’s Christening Gifts

Amazing Baby's Christening Gifts

Amazing Baby's Christening Gifts When it comes to baby christening, it is not only an auspicious occasion but also something very special and every baby deserves special gifts on this special day. Looking at the baby in his/her white christening robe and then showering him with blessings straight from the heart must be accompanied by some sweet baby christening gifts.

When it comes to christening gifts a variety of options are available like keepsake box, baby cups, baby lamp and many more. Moreover, all these gifts can be personalized and this is easily done by almost all the stores these days. Some of the popular gifts for baby christening are:

Gift Ideas For Baby’s Christening

Keepsake Gift

This is one of the most valuable gifts for a baby. Its value will unfold to the baby when he grows up. It is also an ideal gift to commemorate the day. You can pair up a hand crafted bonnet and a Bible covered with a coordinated cotton wrap. Once paired, you can present it to the baby, in a box, making it look not only elegant, but sober as well.

Heirloom Baby Cup

A classic heirloom gift, a baby cup is just the right gift to celebrate the little one’s christening. This is made up of handcrafter lead-free pewter with the picture of a funny animal embossed on it.

Heirloom Baby Cup

So you can personalize the cup with say, a bunny rabbit and engrave the baby’s name on the cup. To give the baby a grown-up feel this gift is the best because the baby will love to drink from this cup.

Baby Photo Frame

The best gift to someone can possibly be his/her childhood itself. On the baby’s christening, give him a gift which has captured this precious moment and which will remind him of his beautiful childhood once he grows up. Gift the baby a personalized photo frame.

Baby Photo Frame

You can personalize this gift by framing a photo of the baby’s christening and mentioning the date. Usually these frames have ample space for fitting a small rattle or a pair of baby socks. This gift is sure to be treasured by the baby when he grows.

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Story Book

If you are attending a girl child’s christening, then it is probably the best gift possible. A story book of various beautiful fairy tales like that of Cinderella, Snow White and seven dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. This gift is sure to win the baby’s heart and keep her engaged. You can also personalize this gift. In the pictures, one by one the fairies will arrange the letters to spell her first and last name. This will not only treat her as a princess but also help her recognize alphabets.

Baby Night Lamp

If you want to gift the baby sweet dreams while he sleeps, a night lamp is the best option. These are available in different animal shapes like a tortoise and radiate a soft, starry and tranquil light.

Baby Night Lamp

It will not only help the baby sleep in a soothing light, but it will also project constellations on the ceilings and walls, turning the baby’s room into the cosmos itself!