Amazing 6th Month Anniversary Ideas

Amazing 6th Month Anniversary Ideas

6th Month Anniversary Ideas 6th month anniversary is a great way to celebrate your union and the lovely time you have spent with each other. This day brings back lots of fond memories of the gala function you had celebrated with your friends and family to declare your unison and yet gives you one more big chance to celebrate and share your happiness with friends and family.

On the other hand, if you are an introvert kind of couple then this anniversary gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the day with each other and carve lovely memories on the heart of time. Here are some 6th month anniversary ideas to make it a great day for you and your spouse.

Ideas For 6th Month Anniversary

Make A Nice Meal

For celebrating your 6th month wedding anniversary at home, make a nice meal for you two. Include dishes which you like most and your spouse likes most.

Nice Meal

Exchange first bites of each other’s favorite dishes. To make the environment romantic, dim the lights and light up candles on dining table, play nice romantic music and spray some nice room freshener in the room.

Go For A Night Picnic

Instead of going out on your wedding anniversary day, plan a night out on the eve of 6th month anniversary. You can go to an old fort, night safari, night club or any place which you enjoy most. As soon as the clock strikes 12, wish your spouse with a warm hug and bright smile. If you are going to some quiet place like a fort or park then take along a small cake and some goodies to celebrate.

Make A Collage Together

Spend the day making a collage of your favorite photographs. What else can make your day than revisiting the fond memories and putting them into one frame?

Make A Collage

Hang the frame proudly on your living room wall to share best memories of your life with your loved ones.

Visit Childhood Places Together

Select one place from your spouses’ childhood memories like her school or college and one from your childhood like your ancestral home or school hostel or your favorite play ground. Visit these spots together and share with each other some funny anecdotes associated with these places. You cannot believe how interesting this kind of excursion can be. I and my husband enjoyed this visit a lot on our 6th month wedding anniversary.

Go For Spa Together

This can be a real fun and preparation for a big bash you are going to throw for your friends in the evening. Go in the separate spas at the same time and come out almost at the same time and surprise each other with a makeover.

Spa Together

For example, if you have curly hair, go for hair straightening or vice versa. You will be amazed at the twinkle in your partner’s eyes.

The idea is to enjoy each other’s company and spend day in such a way that leaves with it fond memories for you to cherish forever.