5 Amazing 1st Birthday Party Ideas For Your Baby

 Amazing 1st Birthday Party Ideas For Your Baby

It seems just like yesterday when you held the squealing newborn in your arms for the very first time and already it is time to start planning for her first birthday celebrations. Every parent wants the first birthday of their babies to be something special and extraordinary for their child.

It is one of those special occasions whose memories you hope to cherish forever. It is therefore vital to plan your baby’s first birthday beforehand and ensure that you have the smallest details in place. Here are some great birthday party tips and ideas that will help you plan the celebrations for your child.

1. Whom To Invite

It is easy for parents to go over the top when planning their child’s special birthday party. You may want to invite all the people that you know and throw a big bash. However it is important to keep in mind that a baby especially a one year old will be extremely uncomfortable around people and new place. He or she may end up getting cranky and irritated.

Keep the guest list short and ensure that you can manage the number of people. It is best to stick to family and friends whom your baby recognizes. After all this is a special day for your baby and you want her to be happy and cheerful. If you are inviting other babies and toddlers then ensure that their parents accompany them so that they can assist their children if needed.

Along with the guest list, you will also need to determine the location and the duration of the first birthday party. Usually one to two hours is the most that a young baby can handle without getting irritated and fussy. You can host the birthday party at home, in your backyard or go to some special place like a zoo or a farm to celebrate the baby’s birthday.

Whom To Invite

2. Choosing The 1st Birthday Party Theme And Supplies

Once you have decided the location, time and other details, it is time to choose the theme for the birthday party. Theme parties with colorful characters and other party supplies is a favorite among younger children and toddlers. There are many themes that you can select such as the Mickey or Minnie Mouse theme, Winnie the Pooh theme, princess theme, jungle theme, fairy theme or a Sesame Streettheme. From invitations, thank you cards to candles, banners, favors, balloons, cups, plates, and even candles you can use party supplies that match your birthday party theme.

For example if you opt for the Winnie the Pooh theme then you can get bright colored tableware with Pooh on it along with napkins, table cover and decorating items such as room rolls, banners and posters. The decorations, cake, food and party favors can be used to suit the theme.

If you do not want to opt for a character theme then simply use a bright colored big dots theme. The part supplies for this theme feature big, bright colored polka dots in red, blue, green and orange. You can decorate the walls with bold colored polka dot cutouts and serve circular candies and snacks such as cupcakes with polka dot sprinkles.

Choosing The 1st Birthday Party Theme And Supplies

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3. 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Party invitations are important as they not only help in setting the tone for the party while also informing the guests about the details of the party such as the date, venue, time and other details. If you are going for a theme party then you can select theme party fill in invitations with attractive prints and colors.

In case you want to keep it simple then you can create your own invitations featuring cute photos of your baby and simple quotes or poems. Email birthday invitations are also quite popular and there are hundreds of templates and designs that you can choose from online.

Post the invitations well in advance so that they reach on time or just hand them out yourself. If you are emailing the invitations then make sure that your mails get delivered on time.

1st Birthday Party Invitations

4. 1st Birthday Party Food Ideas

Apart from food for adults and the birthday cake, you can also serve finger foods and delicious candies for your younger guests. Tiny sandwiches with cheese, bread sticks and small cheese cubes are some great finger foods for babies. Remember it is best to keep the food simple as younger children tend to drop and spill food as they eat.

You should also have milk, filtered water and some fruit juices for the babies that will be attending the party. It is a good idea to provide breastfeeding mothers with a place where they can nurse the baby and change diapers.

1st Birthday Party Food Ideas

5. Activities For The 1st Birthday Party

Simple games and activities like peek-a-boo or finding hidden objects are some activities that your child will love. If it is an outdoor party then playing around the garden is the perfect activity for your one year old. Remember that loud noises or bangs can frighten your baby so avoid these at all costs. Instead provide the baby with a large space to play quietly with his or her toys.

In addition to this you need to plan for party favors which can include soft toys or other fun items for your guests. Remember that while planning a part of babies it is vital to9 pay heed to safety issues. Since almost all one year olds can crawl or walk it is best to safeguard the stairs and also store away any breakable items.

Activities For The 1st Birthday Party

Keep the children away from pointed, sharp objects lik forks and small items that can be easily swallowed Children tend to be curious about pets and this can lead to certain accidents when parents are not in vicinity. It is thus advisable to keep pets away when hosting a party for a baby. With these amazing first birthday ideas and planning you will soon be able to throw the perfect party that you and your one year old will love and cherish forever.

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