Adorable Newborn Halloween Costumes

Newborn Halloween Costumes A newborn baby brings such jubilation to the family that cannot be paralleled. The parents are on seventh heaven with this new bundle of joy in their hands. Their small little world has the newest and most loved member. This euphoria coupled with Halloween calls for huge celebrations and festivity. Thus, it is imperative to now include this most recent addition in the best Halloween costume race.

However, without doubt, your tiny tot will look the cutest and most attractive in any costume. Nonetheless, we give you superlative choices for your newborn’s first ever Halloween.

Top Halloween Costumes For Newborns

Pea In A Pod

Your little sweet pea will look sweeter in a pod on Halloween day. Make your newborn wear a lush green furry outfit that will cover the baby from head to toe in the chilled weather and keep you stress free.

Pea In A Pod

The costume will be pod like pointed at the bottom and will cover the feet entirely with comfortable arm holes and sleeves for the hands. A green matching hood will adorn the face with a leafy crown on the head. Two huge peas like light green buttons will be on the front making your sweetheart look delectable.

Elvis, The King

The King of Rock and Roll is here, is what every passerby will say when your newborn dons the Elvis Presley costume. A white jumpsuit with graphics on the top and a high collar will look smart and chic.

A touch of gold and black will enhance the appearance in a bandanna with the words “The King” written across at the front and matching booties saying “Rock” on one and “Roll” on the other. Once you put this costume on your baby, he is sure to rock the evening.

Pink Bunny

Your cute little babe is going to be hopping into the costume of pink bunny this Halloween. A pink furry jumpsuit with white and pink paws and matching checked belly will look endearing on her.

pink bunny

A pink hood for the head with attached long bunny ears will almost complete the outfit. However, no bunny is entirely one without a carrot. So, do not forget to carry a carrot on your newborn’s behalf or get one printed and glued on the belly portion of the costume to be hassle free.

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The superhero of your life, your superman, will be just his normal self on Halloween. As a matter of fact, this costume will be the least embarrassing for your little one for the red underwear will look very natural and super cute unlike on older men.

Get a blue jumpsuit with a big superman logo on the tiny chest and a yellow belt. A red underwear and cape with matching booties will complete the ensemble of your super baby.

Teddy Bear

Your adorable teddy bear will look more like that this holiday season in a costume. A brown furry jumpsuit with cute paws and a round belly will make your tot look simply adorable.

baby teddy bear

A colored bow for the neck and hood with attached ears and nose will make you snuggle your newborn throughout the night. This cuddly little teddy bear is yours to keep forever.