8 Simple And Easy Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Simple And Easy Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Our relationships with people in our lives is what makes life happy for us. So you must know about the importance of your wife’s presence in your life! And special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are the ideal time to show your wife how important she is for you!

Yes, there is no specific time to express your happiness and your gratitude for her all pervading presence in your life! But how often is it that you given a thought about her birthday and surprised her! Now is the perfect time to make your wife happy and earn brownie points with her! Give a little effort and a lot of love to chalk out some simple and easy birthday gift ideas for her.

8 Simple And Easy Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

1. Gift Her A Day At The Spa

Yes, you might be a busy man! But that should not deter you from making an effort for her big day! Giving her something nice on her birthday does not mean that you have to spend hours on it. It just has to be sensible! So if you know women well, you must be aware that every woman enjoys spending time at the spa. So talk to your wife’s favorite spa and make an appointment for her on the morning of her birthday. Arrange for a pampering facial, a full body massage, maybe even a delicious chocolate massage and manicure and pedicure to go with it! No woman can revisit the wonderful luxuries that a spa offers and she will come home happy and glowing.

 Gift Her A Day At The Spa

2. Write Her A Romantic Poem On Her Birthday

You may think that this not an easy birthday gift or something that she will appreciate. But it is an effort that you will take from the bottom of your heart and it will surely touch her heart! If you are not a great writer then simply write her a letter telling her how you light up every time you look at her! It is your feelings that are important more than anything else! And something that comes from the heart goes to the heart! It must be the first thing that you give her on her birthday so that her whole day brightens up.

Write Her A Romantic Poem On Her Birthday

3. Make Her A Collage Of Old Pictures

Nothing can seem more romantic and ideal then refreshing old memories for your wife and there will be little effort on your side as well! Just flip through your old albums and make a collage of some sweet photos! It can be some of wife’s childhood photos, some from your wedding and honey moon, pictures that you associate with your children and their birth and go to a personalized gift shop and ask them to put it together for you! Along with the pictures you can ask them to put in a romantic quotation and it will be a touching gift for her big day.

 Make Her A Collage Of Old Pictures

4. Indulge Her With A Day At The Mall

There are very few women do not enjoy shopping and are not excited at the prospect of shopping! Most women can walk around stores tirelessly all day long! And if your wife likes nothing better than to visit the mall and loves the joys of shopping then what better gift for her! Take her shopping on her birthday!

If you cannot join her then you can offer her your credit card or even get a pre paid gift voucher for her so that she can shop as much as she wants! You can be guaranteed that this is one of the best gifts for any woman! Whether your wife, daughter or mother.

Indulge Her With A Day At The Mall

5. Surprise Her With A Gift Basket Of Her Favorite Goodies

Your wife’s birthday just isn’t about buying something for her! It is about buying something special for her! If you do not know of one specific thing that you want to give her, then you can easily give her an assortment of things she likes! Just take an hour out and visit her favorite store. Buy her moisturizers, her favorite soaps and bath bombs to add to it! Add some chocolates and pastries along with it. You can also put in a nice dress that you got for her and maybe a pair of earrings! Ask them to send it over to her on the big day and it will a pleasant surprise for her. Simple and easy!

Surprise Her With A Gift Basket Of Her Favorite Goodies

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6. Take Her Out For Dinner

This is not only an easy gift idea to surprise your wife with on her birthday, but it is an extremely romantic idea as well! If you have kids at home then the best you can do is to steer her away from the humdrums of everyday life! Tell her in the morning that you have arranged for a nice evening for her. You can do the bookings in the morning or the previous day. You can book a seat at your favorite restaurant or even a new place you know she will enjoy! Arrange for some champagne for an ideal birthday evening with her! It will not only make her happy but also make her feel precious.

Take Her Out For Dinner

7. Gift Her A Special Fragrance

A fragrance is something that is very feminine and also a great birthday gift idea for someone who is close to you, so it is an ideal and very easy gift idea for your wife! You can even purchase the fragrance from an online catalogue if you do not have the time to visit the store. You can gift her one of your favorite fragrances that you would like her to wear or a new fragrance from her favorite perfumers! A woman who enjoys wearing her fragrance with élan will definitely appreciate your effort.

Gift Her A Special Fragrance

8. Surprise Her With Her Favorite Flowers

This may seem to be common gift idea but if it last moment then it works every time! Talk to her florist at least a week before her birthday and make advanced orders! You can go a step ahead and ask them to send flowers to your wife at regular intervals! With each bouquet or bunch of flowers you can add a small note stating how special she makes life for you! It is an incredibly romantic idea and the small notes will be enough to melt her heart.

Surprise Her With Her Favorite Flowers