8 Most Important Bridal Hair Accessories

Important Bridal Hair Accessories

Hair accessories play an important role in bridal make up as it completes your look. You have to choose right bridal hair accessories which must complement your hairstyle and dress. Choose your bridal accessory after you chose your wedding dress. You have to also decide your hairstyle on that special day before you invest in your bridal hair accessories. It will help you to choose the right items to wear. There are several popular types of bridal hair accessories available in market which is also available in different price range. When you choose your hair take care of that hair accessory must match to your hair color and also match with the color of your gown. Choice gold tone hair accessories with ivory gowns and silver tone bridal accessories look best with white gowns or wedding dress. If your dress contains some pearl designing then go for bridal hair accessories which posses some pearl detailing.

Here Are The 8 Most Important Bridal Hair Accessories:


Veil is an essential part of your bridal looks. Be careful when you are choosing your veil. Please keep in mind that the length and shape of the veil must complement your wedding dress and hairstyle. It is most important that it must go with your facial shape. You can choose a designer veil which should appropriate to your wedding dress. Choice your veil before you choose your other hair accessories so that they should complement each other.



Do you have seen a princess style crown ever before? Tiara is basically that type of crown which is made with costly metals like gold, silver etc. Designer Tiaras are decorated with pearls, stones or crystals. It can be worn with Veil or can be worn with out a veil. Choice proper type of Tiara so that it matches with your wedding dress. If you have a wedding dress with floral patterns it will looks better with a flower patterned Tiara.


Choose your Tiara carefully so that it matches with the shape of your face. If you have shorter and upswept hairstyles then it will complement your hair style. When a tiara is worn in a V shape on top of the head gives a full face a longer and thinner looks. If you have a round face choose a tiara with some height or a peak to add length to your face for a better looks. If you have a long face choose flatter tiara that covers your head from one side to the other and also balance the shape of your face.


Headband is another decorative hair accessory which is at the time functional too. Designer headband is decorated with pearls, crystals and precious stones. Headband is a popular choice for brides. Headband goes with veils and upswept hairstyles. If you have an oval face then you must choose a headband or forehead piece. If you have a longish face you must go for a headband as it will balance the shape of your face.


Bun Ring:

Bun ring is a one type of circular bridal hair accessory which is worn around a bun. It is a decorative hair accessory which may contain decorative stones, crystals or pearls. Bun ring can be worn individually or with a veil.

Bun Ring

Back Piece:

Do you have tried a Back Piece? It works as a subtle accent at the back of your head. Back Piece is suitable with low bun or if you do a French twist with your hair. Back piece can be worn with a designer veil. It will be a wise decision to choose a back piece instead of a tiara if you have an oval face.

Back piece


Comb is another designer bridal accessory which is suitable for any hairstyle. It can be made of precious or semi precious metal which is available in variable cost. Comb is a decorated bridal accessory which is designed with different colored stones, colored crystals and pearls.



V band is a very old bridal hair accessory of retro style which was popular in the 1960s and it is used to balance the shape of face if the bride has a long face. It is worn on the forehead to bring attention to the brides face. V band is worn with a veil to add a granger to your looks. But the main the draw back of this bridal accessory is that it is not suitable for all types of face shapes.



Fascinator is a one type of decorative bridal hair accessory which is attached to a clip or comb. But the main drawback of this item it is not suitable to wear with every type of veils.