7 Genius DIY Recycled And Repurposed Christmas Crafts


Green is clean, and Christmas is the time to clean up your home, your cupboards and a host of other things. Cleaning up does not, however, mean throwing away things. Why waste your good old stuff when there are so many useful and beautiful things to do with it. Recycling is the new mantra this Christmas season. Amid the growing concern for the environment, these simple tricks to recycle and reuse old things, or trash as most of it seems to us, can go a long way in protecting our environment and making our planet more livable. The benefit it has in terms of saving money is, of course, an added advantage. Take a look at these amazingly beautiful decorations you can churn up from junk.

Here Are The 8 Genius DIY Recycled And Repurposed Christmas Crafts:

Plastic Bottle Penguins

Penguins and Christmas go hand in hand. But why spend money to buy those cute little penguins that you and your kids simply love to love. Just get hold of some empty plastic bottles to make these adorable penguins a part of your festivities this Christmas. You are sure to have many such bottles lying around your house. You simply need to dig them out, along with some glue and a little paint, and create your own cute little penguins.

Plastic bottle penguins

Tin Can Lanterns

You’ve always wondered what to do with the empty food tins, and, for lack of a good alternative, you’ve ended up throwing them away. Just don’t do that with the next lot of empty tins you end up with in your house, as there’s a lot you can do with them. Turn them into exotic lanterns for your home or garden this Christmas and see your small world light up with joy.

Tin can lanterns

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are the next best thing when there’s no real snow to enjoy. Easy to make, you can create single ones for individual trees or make a kind of garland out of them to hang up in some nice corner of your home. Adding a little glitter will make them sparkle too.

Paper snowflakes

Bottle Cap Snowman

It’s time to party and drink. But what to do with those bottle caps that you end up collecting? Here’s a simple piece of decoration you can quickly make from bottle caps. It’s called the snowman – something your Christmas just isn’t complete without. Make these little snowmen for your children, add a bit of something special to suit their taste, and hang them on their doors, or wherever else you feel the kids would love to see them.

Bottle Cap Snowman

Wine Cork Trees

Wine corks, like bottle caps, are another great thing that makes for some lovely tree ornaments. Retain their rustic wood color to enjoy the age-old feel of Christmas of the days gone by, or paint them to give them some vivacious color.

Wine cork trees

Christmas Card Star

There’s actually so much you can do with all those Christmas cards you’ve been hoarding through the years. They’d make a great garland, but you can also use them to create a themed star. Hang it out on the tree or anywhere else you want to, and make it shine on your life.

Christmas Card Star

Paper Tree

Now old newspaper is one thing that you have always disposed of. But not this Christmas please! It’s so amazingly simple to make a paper Christmas tree, and it looks gorgeous too. Try your hand at this recycled tree and create your own special tree this season.

Paper Tree