8 Fascinating Ideas For Father’s Day Celebrations

fathers day 1 The relationship you share with your father can be one of the most important relationships in your life. After all, apart from your mother, your father must have been the second person you interacted intimately with when you came into this world.

Father’s day is wonderful because it gives you an opportunity to show your father just how much he means to you. Here are 8 interesting father’s day ideas you might love.

Ideas For Father’s Day Celebrations

Write A Poem Dedicated To Him

For some reason, a poem is an amazing way to convey your deepest feelings for someone. I remember the happiness I received from writing a poem for a friend once, even though I wasn’t the greatest poet in the world.

poem writing

Let the verses you write contain your most cherished memories with your father. Let them talk about how much much he means to you now. Just pour out whatever you feel for him deep down.

If the poem is short, you can get it framed and present it to your dad. If it is longer, you can write it down on a chart paper. He will feel, very, very loved when he reads what you will have written.

Gift Him What He’s Always Wanted

Most fathers have this one thing that they want but do not buy for themselves because they think they do not deserve it or because they think it is expensive. If that is so with your dad, please put in all your efforts to get him that one thing!

It could be that special pen he has his eyes on, it could be that sweater he wants but hasn’t bought or it could be the latest gadget he would love to have but which he thinks is too modern for him. This is your father’s special day, so go all out to gift him that one thing he will love.

Write A Letter To Your Father

As fathers and children grow old, a lot of nice things happen – but they are hardly acknowledged. Have you had that moment when you truly felt grateful for the presence of your father in your life but never acknowledged it? This happens to so many of us.

letter  father day

Write an honest letter to your father and truly appreciate all that he has done for you. Say those things which you have either been too shy to say or which you thought did not require saying. A letter is a great medium to genuinely appreciate your father especially when saying those same things face to face can be awkward.

As you write, you will remember some incidents where you were angry or disappointed with your father at that time, but which make you feel proud of the way your father behaved then, now. Do write about these incidents as well – for they represent at some level the essence of fatherhood.Let this father’s day be your dad’s best day ever.

Paste Photographs On A Chart Along With Captions

I am sure you have a lot of pictures with your father. Paste the most memorable pictures on a chart paper. Decorate the chart paper a bit and write down fitting captions under each picture. Let these captions capture and define the beauty of that moment that has been captured in the photograph.

If you like the idea, you can even get this chart framed so that your dad can hang the frame in a place where he can see it often. These photographs and your interpretations of them will be very, very precious to him. He won’t ever forget them.

Create A Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint has a special way of presenting ordinary pictures and videos in a memorable way. You might have created Powerpoint presentations for work before but Powerpoint has some unique animation features that you can harness to create a stunning father’s day presentation!

First, collect your most memorable pictures and videos with your dad. Also record a video of you talking and expressing your feelings for him. Next, add these pictures and videos to different slides in your presentation. Use slide transition effects and custom animation effects to then help merge these pictures and videos in an exciting way! To learn more about slide transitions and custom animations, look these terms up on Google.

The point is: for a bit of hard work, you will able to create a special piece of work dedicated to your dad.

Release All Grudges And Share Your True Feelings

While, making your father feel special is a wonderful thing, there is something subtle and difficult that many of us avoid on such days: addressing grudges. If you look deep within, you might also find certain grudges against your father. Maybe there was a time when he was not the perfect father. Maybe there was a moment when you said something you should not have said to him – or maybe he did that.

fathers day games

It will require a bit of courage but take this opportunity to apologize for anything you have said or done that you shouldn’t have. Also take this opportunity to tell your father that you have released that grudge you keep reminding him about. Let anything that is not full of love dissolve today – cleanse your heart of all those feelings of hurt.

Sit down with your dad and have a conversation full of understanding and compassion. As you talk, you might find him opening up and regretting certain decisions he made too. You both might end up hugging. It will be a father’s day both of you will never forget.

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Plan An Activity He Enjoys

Ever since you were a child, your father must definitely have accompanied you to a lot of activities that you enjoyed. This could be coming with you to the garden, accompanying you to cricket, baseball or football games or even playing with you to see you smile.

Today is his day. You already know what activities he enjoys the most. Plan a date with your father that involves activities that he loves doing! Participate in those activities with him and enjoy the smile on this face. Some fathers love watching old romantic movies, while others love watching plays. Still others like going for a picnic with friends and relatives. You know your father best – so plan a day he will cherish and make sure you are a big part of it!

Present Him With A Plaque

If you have brothers or sisters, have them come over and prepare a list of 10 reasons for why your dad is the best father in the world. Write these reasons down in a fun way and decorate that paper. Next, take this paper to a shop where you can get it framed. Make sure you and your siblings include your signatures and a short line that says something like, “We hereby declare ______ to be the best dad in the world!”

father's day

Imagine how your dad will feel when he unwraps this gift and reads what you’ve written about him. He will definitely feel like the proudest father in the world.

Every dad does put in a lot of effort in raising his kids in his own unique way. I am sure your father did his best too. Let him feel truly special this father’s day! This is a small way to give back to him what he’s given to you hundreds of times over the years.