8 Beautiful and Easy Easter Centrepiece Ideas

Centrepiece Ideas

The favourite part of any holiday is when the family gathers around the table for a meal. The centrepiece in the middle of the table is the focal point and helps create the perfect mood for a wholesome meal. There are a number of DIY Easter centrepiece ideas will help transform your dining room into a spring-themed setting that suits the tone and mood of the festival.
These centrepiece ideas are easy on the pocket and soothing to the eyes.

Here Are Some Of The Best Easter Centrepiece Ideas:

Real Grass Centrepiece

Nothing resounds better with the festival of Easter than real grass used to create a beautiful centrepiece. The authentic the craft, the better the feeling; therefore, using real grass will give your centrepiece an authentic look and feel. Easter eggs nestled in the grass are perfect for a beautiful centrepiece. However, it should be noted that water must be sprinkled on it to keep it fresh.

EASTER EGG Grass Centrepiece

Easter Topiary

An Easter-inspired topiary is perfect as it lends a classy feel to the decor of the room on Easter day. It is an interesting piece as it includes the use of faux hay which is constructed in the manner of a pyramid and then stuffed with colourful Easter eggs to contrast with the dullness of the hay. Placed at the centre of the dining table, this centrepiece will grab the attention of your guests present for the meal.

Easter Topiary

A Simplistic Easter Centrepiece

When you keep things simple, it helps meet expectations head on. Therefore, if you are burdened with the thought that your centrepiece will not really stand out, you can use this centrepiece idea to full effect. For this project you will require a large vase, a few thin branches from your garden and a few plastic, coloured eggs that usher in the spring feeling. Place the eggs in the jar and then use it as a firm foundation to support the thin branches. Attach a few Easter eggs to the branches to make it truly stand out as a decorative piece.


Easter Grass Decor

Use artificial grass to full effect in this Easter centrepiece by placing it in an oval-shaped glass bowl. You can add Spanish moss and floral foam to the bowl before adding the decorative Easter eggs to the bowls. Enhance the look with a pink ribbon as it adds a touch of elegance and class to the idea. Put some music on and enjoy the project that you have to complete.


The Easter Egg Bouquet

Create the illusion of tulips with this perfect Easter centrepiece. You need to first wrap the chocolate Easter eggs in coloured napkins and then trim the edges to give it that ‘tulip effect’. Place a skewer inside the egg and then being wrapping it with floral tape. Cut grass shapes from green craft paper and decorate the eggs.

Easter Egg Bouquet

The Bunny Centrepiece

The use of Easter bunnies in your centrepiece will be a hit with the kids. Use small pieces of wood to create a fence surrounding the faux grass. The bunnies can be carved from soap which can then be painted pink. Add a few artificial flowers to give it a spring look.

Bunny Centrepiece

Simple Spring Vase for Easter

This simple and hassle-free Easter piece can be made by simply taking an egg shell with a crack at the top and placing a big tulip in it. Use a bottle cap painted green to serve as the foundation.


Eggshell Candles

These centrepieces can be used at night when the table is set for dinner. Pour coloured wax into egg shells and place them in egg cup holders. The process is quite simple and can even be relaxing at the same time.

Eggshell Candles

Spring Place Settings

Create a feeling of spring on Easter day with these beautiful table settings. Use pink or green graphic plates and top them off with a dyed egg (preferably in the colour green) along with a white napkin. The napkin ring made from small twigs tied together with a ribbon will be the highlight of the centrepiece.


Bunny-Inspired Place Cards

These place cards are perfect for an Easter lunch when family and friends come over. Fold pink cardboard paper in half and use a white pen to draw cute bunny motifs. You can use the scrap from the cardboard paper to create bunny ears which are then attached above the drawing. You can fold one ear over to add the ‘cute’ element.