7 Ways To Organize Pool Party For Your Kids

Every year kids wait for summer vacation and the best way to enjoy it is to have a bashing pool side party. When you are having a pool party you are celebrating summer and as a good hostess you will have to pre plan and organize the party well. Although organizing it might seem tricky you can use the following simple tips to have the perfect pool party for your kids and their friends. So go through the following tips and get the children ready with the food and favors.

Here Are 7 Ways To Organize Pool Party For Your Kids

1. Guest List

The first thing which you need to do is to list out your guests along with your child. Plan the guest list according to the number of adult supervisors you have for the party. You should also know whether all the kids know swimming and if not they shall also not go to the deep side of the pool.

 Guest List

2. Supervision

Kids require special care and supervision. You can invite your friends or siblings to help you in this. You can also hire college students for this work if they are interested and if it is required according to the number of kids attending the party.


3. Invitation

You should then send invitations to all your guests. Parents should be informed about all the details in advance. Mention the date location, timings and all other necessary details in the card. Make handmade cards and use catchy slogans and drawings to attract more kids.


4. Decor

To make your party look attractive it is important to look after the decor. You can use palm trees, balloons and inflatable characters to decorate the pool. If you want to make your pool look colorful throw some balloons in it. You can also use beach balls or flower shaped pool noodles for decoration.


5. Games

You surely don’t want the kids to just swim whole day so plan some exciting and fun games for them. You can make the kids do underwater races, relays or can also make them play the famous “colors” game.  Another interesting game which can be played in the pool is treasure hunt. You can throw some stuff in the pool and ask the kids to collect them. The kid who finds it first will be the winner.


6. Food

All these swimming activities and games will make the kids hungry. A heave diet will not be good before swimming so instead plan some light snacks such as chips, fruit juices, sandwiches and hamburgers. You can also add watermelon juice or fresh lemonade to the menu to keep them hydrated in the sun.


7. Essentials

You should arrange all the essentials such as waterproof sandals, bathing suit, towels, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses etc.


8. Favors

Lastly plan some party favors to keep the kids warm and protected throughout the day. You can arrange sunglasses, towels and water bottles for them. Providing sunscreen as pool party favor is another cool idea.